Vote for Dr. Kim Schrier--fuck the idiotic Seattle Times. Obviously their profiteering Editorial Board is on serious crack.


Seattle Times is so gross. It feels like vomiting a barrel of maggots. This is their most important endorsement in years and they chose to go with the GOP party of beating up reporters, which is cool as long as the gross ass family that owns the paper can escape paying its fair share of taxes. Even hogs would be grossed out.


Rich, you did a marvelous job hammering at Reichert's record. Rossi's record is just as bad. In this article, you slough off on his legislative record like you think it is common knowledge. It was 15 years ago and few know the whole story you have only sketched out. Today, Schrier had excellent radio ads dumping on his business record, shady loans, and his Trump-like fake story of business success. Put it out there, like the NYT, and let everyone read about it. The guy is a total liar and completely corrupt.


This is unconscionable given the moral depravity that defines the GOP today. With this endorsement the Seattle Times endorsed the detention of 12,800 migrant children, the return of 300 immigrant parents to their home countries without any plan for reunification with their children, the continued denigration of women, LGBTQ+, Muslims, Latino/as, immigrants and other people of color and a systematic plan to undermine healthcare access for working families. Please cancel your subscription to this rag and donate that money to Kim Schrier.


@3 for the WIN.

Are you upto it, Richy boy?
Wanna make that Big L permanent?


It hasn't been the Seattle paper for a long time, now it's not even at home in Bellevue with this crap. Rossi's going to vote against Trump to save healthcare? Weeeeeak.

I move that the City Council formally condemn that paper's use of our name and declare the Stranger the "Seattle Stranger".


This is why I refuse to pay any $$$ to the Seattle Times, it pains me to not support local news but they suck. You knew this was coming.


It is reasonable to think that the majority of the staff at The Seattle Times are opposed to this endorsement.


Apparently Frank Blethen is boozing again.


It's sad to say, but the Seattle Slimes needs to go under in the next recession. Better to have no city paper at all than this toxic, destructive, brazenly intelligence-insulting sham. It's hard to imagine another paper that's so openly contemptuous of its own community.


Tell me again how The Seattle Times survived and the P-I didn' Seattle?


I subscribed to the Seattle times after Trump was elected in 2016 as an act of journalistic charity. I rarely read it, preferring to get my news from the WAPO and NYT (and yes, the Stranger). But I wanted to believe that supporting local journalism was supporting democracy. Their support of Rossi has finally changed my mind. I cancelled my account this morning and will be donating the money to Kim Schrier.


Who buys this "Rossi will reach across the aisle" bullshit? Was he reaching across the aisle when he ponied up for the $10K/plate dinner with Mike Pence last year? Is he reaching across the aisle when he avoids answering questions about issues that concern residents of the 8th District? Is he reaching across the aisle when he refuses to meet with groups in the 8th district? Fuck him, and fuck the Seattle Times and their garbage editorial staff. They've been steadily sliding into irrelevancy in the past 10 years, and shitty endorsements like this are one of the main reasons why.


@10: Sounds very Trumpian: "Better to have no city paper at all than all this toxic..."

A healthy and free press includes adversarial viewpoints. To want to silence what you take issue with is the epitome of the authoritarianism you've been railing against.


Seattle Times for Bankruptcy 2018.


Lol at all this anger over a newspapers, who cares?

Does a newspapers endorsement actually decide who you are voting for? Of course not.

What a bunch whiny babies.


Rossi is the biggest horse's ass and douchebag ever to attempt and lose and then attempt again and lose again and I believe attempted yet again and lost again, because nobody likes him and nobody trusts him because he's a local, Washington version of Ted Cruz, and he's just as backstabbing and self-serving as Ted Cruz is.

Washington, please don't elect Ted Rossi -- I mean Dino Rossi. Send him back from whence he came, wherever that is.


And the Seattle Times should be ashamed of itself. If I worked there, I'd have quit years ago.


@18: The Seattle Times’ editorial board writes what their boss in Mercer Island tells them to write. About twenty years ago, a letter to the editor noted how the Times always endorsed against liberal Democrats, even though such candidates traditionally start with 70% of the Seattle vote. Only the names of the candidates have since changed; the Times rarely finds a right-wing Republican it cannot endorse.

As @3 and others noted above, getting Rossi’s sleazy business deals out in public is the way to counter the Times’ editorial pablum. Did you know the real-estate dealer whom Rossi had called a “mentor” wound up in jail? It’s all out there, folks. Use it.


Recently I've been feeling a bit guilty about reading The Seattle Times in Incognito mode. I'm now reminded why I stopped subscribing years ago. That rag will never see another dollar from me, ever. I feel badly for the good people who work under that shitty ownership and editorial board.


@16: If Seattle suddenly dropped the idea of bringing an NHL hockey team to Key Arena, you'd be a bawling and wailing infant, Ogie.
@19 tensor: Thanks for the reminders. Yep--I've known Rossi to be a sleazebag ever since he cried fowl when then elected Governor Christine Gregoire won by a nose, then got re-elected, all legitimately.
@20 I Got Nuthin': I second it. I have lived for the funnies, horoscopes and puzzles, along with the Op. Ed. pages, but can't spend another dollar and fifty cents on a newsstand issue (I'm reminded as to why I don't subscribe anymore, either). The Blethens should be truly ashamed of themselves.


I subscribed to The Wall Street Journal for many years, including the latter Clinton years. The Journal ran something like 3,000 anti-Clinton editorials during his time in office -- more than one per calendar day of his administration. During that time, the Journal's editorial page went from right-wing to reactionary to wingnut to insane (and beyond) as their editorials had no (or negative) effect.

Through it all, the Journal's news section was a reliable source of excellent timely, relevant information. I've kept the lesson ever since.


This is not a normal election. This President just congratulated a congressman for body slamming a journalist. The number of lies and disparaging remarks number into the thousands and since he decided to run for office, it's likely broke the 10,000 point.

So, Rossi is not Trump. Well, how have the GOP Congress dealt with a lying President? Every single one are yes people. Some complain but they all vote in line every time with few exceptions. But, Rossi will be different? I'm tired of this horror of a government. It's time to clean house at every opportunity.

By the way, I cancelled my Times subscription. I was told they'd put in on hold. I reinterate "cancel the subscription". The service rep. then offered a lower price. I asked how much are you going to pay me to keep me as a subscriber? She remained quiet. I told her I wouldn't remain a subscriber if the negotiated offering was $1,000 for each delivery. I have standards that rise above money. To remain a subscriber to a person in Trump's party is akin to approving of Trump. I do not.

I'm not here to change the editorial staff's minds. They've made their decisions. I've made mine and from what I've read elsewhere and what the rep confirmed, the cancellation calls are extremely high. This problem happened a few years ago and with reduced circulation came reduced advertisements. I think they'll face this again. This is Seattle. Just put two and two together. It, indeed, equals four.


Who are the Republicans who have barred reporters, often from The Stranger, from their events while letting other reporters in? Rob McKenna is one I think. Is this something that Rossi has done?

I don't think anything physical happened in the past other than that the Republican staffers stood in the way of the reporters, but I can definitely see Rossi and company physically assaulting reporters today.


THANK YOU Rich Smith for your searing response to the Seattle Times' pathetic and pandering endorsement of empty suit Dino Rossi. Once again, the Seattle Times has proven just how irrelevant to and out of touch with our region they are. I feel for the people that work there, but I would never again subscribe. Thanks to The Stranger for providing critical thinking along with "reporting" the news.


This oughtta give all The Young Fascists a boner:

"The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth, the most drastic move yet in a governmentwide effort to roll back recognition and protections of transgender people under federal civil rights law."

Dino, too.



"Repeat after me: Social Security and Medicare are not insolvent."

"CHICAGO (Reuters) - It happens like clockwork each year. The trustees of Social Security and Medicare issue their annual reports on the programs’ health, and doomsayers start talking about insolvency and bankruptcy.

This year is no exception. The reports issued on Tuesday yielded wildly inaccurate news stories - amplified by the social media echo chamber - suggesting that Medicare and Social Security are headed for insolvency in the not-too-distant future - meaning that they would not be able to pay out the money owed for benefits."

Mistrial, your "Entitlements" Doomsday scenario holds some water; but not enough to float Dino Rossi's sinking ship of Fools into the abyss of Total Corporate Ownership of USA, LLC INC.

Let's hope Voters can see thru some of the scams Republicans put on display, for example, in their horrid Partisan USSC nomination, in which they put an overly-entitled elitist probable drunkard with a penchant for bulling, specially when tipsy, which appears to be OFTEN -- at his Interview? people are wondering -- put someone like THAT on our Supreme Court, who vowed -- UNDER OATH -- that Republican Payback on the Dems is soon coming to town.

Voting for Dino Rossi is an act of endorsing Trumpftopian Fascism.


"This year, the Social Security trustees report that the combined trust funds for retirement and disability will be depleted in 2034, unchanged from last year’s forecast. That is a problem that needs to be addressed, because if nothing is done, Social Security would be able to pay out only 77 percent of promised benefits from current tax revenue."


@32: Your sentiment is heartwarming, but all single-payer/socialized health care programs on the planet have to do the following:
- Ration care
- Schedule and sometimes delay care

Which can be done optimally. Nevertheless, without an overhaul of major components of our economy changed to a public structure (socialism), then how can we afford a single-payer system without killing peoples' take home pay from very large payroll taxes?



"how can we afford a single-payer system without killing peoples' take home pay from very large payroll taxes?"

Gosh, are you freaking kidding me? Republicans DO have a Plan for this: Tax Cuts -- for the Wealthy! Have you learned nothing at all from the Lyin' Ryan/MmMitch McConnell Debacle? Toss in another Trillion or so, and let's get to gettin' on fixing Social Security -- by fucking Privatizing it!

It's been Wall Street's Wet Dream, ever since they spotted that giant Mountain of CA$H, just lazing about, so selfishly, not don't any REAL Work, for some people who know HOW to make Money Work for its Keep. And they're really really Good at it, and they'll work the Fuck out of it, till it's all fucking Gone.

Time for a Total re-shuffling in our Congress.
Let's put a Transaction Tax on Wall Street.
Wiping out OUR Economy should cease being Profitable.

Or, what the fuck, just hand it all over to the Profiteers.
Hell, they've already paid for it.


The military is insolvent.


Only old white people give money to this dinosaur publication. Why is anybody surprised they endorse the favored candidate of old white people?


@30 and @34 kristofarian: Agreed, and spot on. As for @25 & @28 misinformed, he's blindsided by the GOP and remains hopelessly beyond help; @33 is suffering from his daily sugar rush.


Rich: great editorial. I feel like the Seattle Times has some sort of Republican quota, so they take N% of the races- particularly where they can use a dumb but popular argument- and go for the R. How else to explain the Rodney Tom endorsement?


I cancelled my subscription yesterday. Let’s start a movement. Defund The Seattle Times! This is a final line in the sand. They still support the drug war. They are truly ignorant when it comes to the racism and mysogyny in America. Dave Reichert voted against equality for women at every single opportunity he had and the Seattle Times still endorsed him. #defund the Seattle Times!


@39 uh, please no. We can't have a functional society that literally attempts to destroy any possibility political disagreement. You're on some strictly Putin-level shit with this one. You're not needed.


I am still reeling from the Seattle Times' Blethen-misguided endorsement of Dino Mafia Don Rossi.


And Goldman-Sachs just bought Smith Tower. Jesus fucking wept, when will the insanity end?

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