It was easier for the far left (Including this publication) to scream "Nazi! Racist! Rapist! RAPE!! RACIST!!! RAPE!!! NAZI!!!"


1 - Too bad your parents hated you so much.



They apparently hated us even more - given what they've foisted on us...


What an astounding coincidence - the left's political message (insofar as there is one) is also centered on fear; fear of the Republican boogeyman, who, as luck would have it, can be defeated by voting for well heeled neoliberal Democratic politicians.


@4: ooh, "neoliberal"! bringing back the hits from 2016!

is pramila jayapal a well-heeled neoliberal?


Well, the Republicans did have the "Contract with America", and they were very successful that year. Experts are split as to whether the "contract" had much to do with their success, but most believe it gave them added power once they won.

The Democrats could so something similar, but Democrats are divided on most important issues. This is as it should be. Basically, the Democrats are the only reasonable party in the United States and play the role of center left/center right that the Democrats and Republicans used to play. On most issues, there is no simple solution, and it is only Republicans who think there is. That is why such empty platitudes work for them. They can propose things that literally don't add up, such as increased spending on the military, big tax cuts and a balanced budget. It is much easier to pretend that America is spending a huge amount of foreign aid or welfare, than it is actually dealing with the big budget items. In other words, the Republicans are either ignorant as fuck, or comfortable lying to people, while the Democrats are not. That may be a problem politically -- there are a lot of stupid ass voters out there -- but that doesn't mean that Democrats should try and mimic such mindless simplicity.


It would help the Democrats if their message was more than "we're not Trump" It's not particularly compelling for the very voters that need to vote D next month and beyond. And some of Trump's approval ratings are higher than they should be. I'm worried that the Democrats were positioned to win both the House and the Senate next month a year ago but that looks unlikely to happen and the GOP may even gain a seat in the Senate, though the Dems should win the House back.

Seriously, the Democrats need to stop the naval gazing victimization shit and develop a positive inclusive economic/foreign policy message that isn't focused on taking a shit on people they don't like.


I thought the Dems were running on women with penises and open borders in 2020?



It’s wymxn.....get with the times already.


@5 I’m planning on voting for Jayapal, but I’m not planning on voting for Cantwell.

Cantwell does not actively support single payer, which I think is one of the most important issues of my generation.


I usually vote for Democrats or left-leaning independents, (though living in deep-blue MD, it usually does not matter anyway), but generally speaking Democrat "leaders" are weak, refuse to fight for anything important, and right now have no real message or leadership.

On top of that, they keep being played and made to look like fools by Trump, who seems to be an incompetent dolt, yet they keep playing right into his hand.

Hell, he probably sunk Elizabeth Warren's presidential hopes just by goading her into that stupid DNA test fiasco with tweets.


New slogan for Democrats: "It's the Err of Trump, Stupid!"

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