I dunno, Katie. That sick, unknown-but-nagging feeling I had before election 2016 is there again. We had seen them use the SCOTUS to steal power. Then again they steal it, this time using the Russians. No election is sacrosanct and we must face that reality.


2 - Good point about bart the puker - GOP don't care if he gets impeached or jailed DOWN THE ROAD. While they have him IN PLACE he will do their power bidding NOW. Once DONE, it is near impossible to undo, even if bart the puker one day end up in rikers.


Katie speaks with unnerving authority that I only occasionally enjoy. In this case, I readily hitch my hopes to her horses. Desperation makes friends.


Personally, I think Donald Trump should be executed and when it eventually happens, I hope he can see it coming long enough to start crying before the end.


First of all I love Katie. She's awesome. 2nd of all, please don't say stuff like this. It is like Nancy Pelosi screaming on Colbert, we're gonna win! Which does nothing to get people to vote and actually hurts our chances exactly like when Clinton was hurt when everyone assumed she would win.
It's like people I now who say "my vote doesn't count" then Dino Rossi loses by 129 votes. I don't care how you vote. Just vote! Unless it's for I-1631, then please vote no on a regressive tax on the poor to make climate change enthusiasts feel good about themselves while doing absolutely nothing to combat climate change or punish oil companies.

Don't believe me? Just ask UW Climate Expert Cliff Mass:
"(1) The initiative doesn’t say how to spend the billions the proposed new tax would generate, thus creating a political feeding frenzy.

(2) It would create a clumsy bureaucracy with only one elected official to direct tax investments.

(3) Special interests get big bucks, such as directing 10 percent of tax dollars to Indian tribes, while exempting tribes from paying the tax.

(4) The tax would not reduce carbon. Gas at the pump would increase about 14 cents per gallon in the first year, within normal market price fluctuations and not enough to change people’s behavior, which is the whole point of the tax.

(5) In sharp contrast to recently failed Initiative 732, I-1631 taxes would not be revenue-neutral and giant petroleum corporations would pass price increases directly to consumers.

Carbon pollution deserves our most serious efforts. I-1631 would create serious problems while solving none."


Still have a nauseous feeling that increases as Tuesday approaches. There does seem to be a dearth of twits around here prattling on about voting third party, or not voting at all because they didn't get their way in the primary, this time around though.

In any case, taking the House, assuming the Dems can manage that, will be no panacea. Trump can still continue to merrily stock the courts with fringe right cretins and there is ample, near infinite, mischief the executive branch can engage in all on its own.


@7: British Columbia passed a carbon emissions tax in 2007. Guess what? Carbon emissions declined. Guess what else? Canada now has a federal carbon emissions tax. You know why? Because it works.

Fuck "Climate Expert" Cliff Mass (he's really just a weatherman, you know). Vote Yes on 1631.


I'm confident that the Dems will take the house back but it's unlikely they can get the Senate. That last bit is irritating as had the party gotten it's shit together instead of playing the endless victim shit I think they could have won the Senate back (pull some of those purple states blue) and established a larger majority in the House.

As it is, I'll be happy if we just get the House back


I think dems are showing up and voting in droves. Rs are as well. But there are many more dem voters than repubs. And millennials are really voting this time around, specially in states where legal weed is on the ballot (michigan)...but thinking the dems will take the house and ignoring the gerrymandering and all around voter suppression that is RAMPANT in this country is being just plain pollyannaish. I hope I am wrong...but I think the D's are going to have to really show up and vote this time around in order to take away President Trump's carte blanche. Fingers crossed. Love your stuff on the podcast Katie!


Herzog seems unable to process the reality that Clinton won the popular vote outright in 2016; it wasn’t even close. Depriving Republicans of control in at least one House would cripple this presidency permanently, so let’s hope it happens.

(Also, life is better without constant social media feeds making one feel weak and helpless.)


Well....if your facebook feed is different this time, then you must be right /s

I think there's a good chance Republicans will keep the house and the senate. Just because it seems like more people are voting this election doesn't mean they're going to favor dems. Go anywhere outside the Seattle liberal bubble (and your own facebook bubble) and I think you'll find plenty of people voting red this midterm.

Sure, the polls say dems will take the house, but I'm pretty sure they also said Hillary Clinton had a 90% chance of winning the presidency. Don't count your chickens before the hatch.


I'm stunned no one has brought up the fact that Russia is predicted to and will certainly meddle in this election, as they did in 2016. Directly and indirectly. For that reason, I genuinely fear that Trump's election spelled the beginning of the end of this country, as we all thought we knew it. Because Putin ain't going away. Like any dictator, he will be there for life. Meaning in this upcoming one and all future US elections, he will be a presence, and have a major hand in the outcome. I cringe every time people say "it will be fine if we all just go out and VOTE!" For the first time ever, Putin has his claws deeply embedded in the US and it's "president".. You think for a second he's going to give that shit up?

Mind you, in the faint hope that I'm dead wrong, I'm voting, however my fear and predication is a red wave. If that happens, considering how deeply unpopular Trump is with the majority of Americans, look the fuck out. It will be the proof of who is actually in charge, and just how fucked we all are.


@16 Ah yes, how can any issue ever compare to the size of your fucking 401K? Remember 2008 by any chance? I thought not. I'll assume you did not have a 401K back then because few people who did would have any delusion today that ignoring politics is a wise move.


Hey "Mellow", I see that you're dead happy with your retirement savings. So I guess that's what it comes down to, huh? Seeing no issues here at all? No problem with this catastrophic presidency and all of the harm it is doing to our reputation around the world, which is completely shot, to sad/pathetic/desperate immigrants trying to seek a better life being separated from their toddlers for weeks and months at a time ... that cool with you? His use of the exact dehumanizing, demonizing language and tactics that the Germans used in the 1930's against the Jews - "dirty", "dangerous" "criminals", with regards to the caravan. His comments about Mexicans being rapists? Perfectly fine with you?

How many dozens of women were groped/assaulted, or in the case of his ex wife, raped by Trump? Remember his wife-beater apologist statements re Rob Porter after the black eye pic circulated? How about his statements that Kavanaugh was the "real victim", and how scary ... oh so very scary it is out there ... for young men, but not a single word about the world young women inhabit, who are routinely raped and groped and abused every single day in this country. NO, the REAL "victim" is the fratboy who was then handed the ultimate cushy super prestigious high salary job, for life.

Cozying up to neo-Nazis with the Charlottesville comments, blaming the synagogue for not having armed security . The documented thousands of lies he tells - what is it, 12 or 15 a day so far? How about rolling back EPA stuff? Packing the lower courts with right wing extremists?

Oh, but your 401k is cushy, so you're good.


About a quarter of the public is totally self-absorbed and self-interested, and they don’t give a shit in the slightest about anyone else, nor the nation or world in general.

Prezinazi White Trash and Commander KKKavanaugh could rape their children on the White House lawn, and they’d just look at their 401(k) statement, shrug, and vote Rapeublinazi.

That said, I’m cautiously optimistic due to the historic levels of voter turnout and engagement so far, though the fact that only 40% of Millennials are expected to vote is pathetic. The eldest Millennials are gonna turn 40 in 2020, and it’s gonna be a complete mystery to them why they don’t have a pot to piss in after the Rapeublinazis have been greedily gangbanging their generation for the last four decades.


Katie- thank god you mentioned Dan's support for the War in Iraq. Despite everything else that's going on, it's super important that we continue to shame Democrats for things they said and did 15 years ago. Particularly when those Dems were not in public office and had no control over the decision to go to war, or for the prosecution of said war. Well done! Your country thanks you.



Most people I know have seen their 401K's take a beating over the past few weeks. Mine has just started recovering, but lost about 10% of market value between the end of September & just a few days ago (roughly the same as it did in the last market correction in mid-January), and that's with a pretty diverse portfolio. So, unless @16 has been remarkably lucky, my guess is they're lying through their teeth.


It’s also reassuring that voting still matters, otherwise the Rapeublinazis wouldn’t be so desperately trying to stop people from doing it.


Sure. Like 2016, right! rrrRRRIGHT!


7, Yes Cliff Mass is a climate expert, but nothing in what you lists has anything to do with climate science. Cliff Mass speaks an awful lot on topics he's not an expert in. On other topics, he should hold no more weight than anyone else.


@6- Hopefully he'll live long enough to see his traitorous children executed first.


@28: Not Ivanka though.


@16: Yeah, but unless blue-collar jobs have sufficient purchasing power and health care it will all fall apart.


@30: Have you been sneaking Halloween candy again, sugarlips? See what an overconsumption of sugar does to one's brain and arteries?


@34 blip: I'd aim for the fat, ugly orange thing with the smelly mushroom between its legs first, then Pence a close second. Ivanka and the rest of the inbred Trump vermin can immediately follow.


@17 VelvetBabeAgain: I share your concerns.


@17: Your degree of hope should dictate your decision whether or not to vote. It's your duty as a citizen to participate and to try to influence the upcoming wave you fear or applaud - otherwise you'd have no basis to complain.




Of course, in a perfect world, Fred and MaryAnne Cloud Trump would have been sterile with no hope of conceiving.


@38: Yeah, you don't want an assignation turning 45 into a martyr for his base. Better wish for a freak accident that won't give rise to conspiracy theories, like the Truman balcony giving way, an errant golf ball to the cranium, slipping on a marble floor in a foyer at Mar-a-Lago, or getting hit by the rotating blades of marine one.


@39: Is your reading comprehension below the fifth grade? Spit out that FunSize Snickers bar and reread comment @38 again, sugarlips. Deep breath, inhale, gut in---release. Fred and MaryAnne are Donald Jackoff Trump's---wait for it----PARENTS. If they had been sterile and unable to ever conceive, the global nightmare that is Orange Man would never have happened. The Trumps are a satanic cult that should never have inbred.
@41 Dadddy: Muffy forgot to take her prozac.


@23 Party Murray was in office at the time and supported the Iraq War.

Maria Cantwell, who is up for re-election this year, was in office at the time and supported the Iraq War.

What was that about not shaming democrats for their beliefs because we’ve always done away with the politicians who supported the Iraq War?


Can I shame the sitting Democrats for extending Bus-era tax cuts?

Oh, wait, can I shame the Democrats for not jailing the bankers?

Can I shame Inslee and Chopp for giving Boeing the largest tax break in US History?

Can I shame Chopp for lowering unemployment taxes on corporations while making it more difficult to get unemployment welfare?

Or, can I shame Democrats for letting Obama deport more immigrants than any president before him?

Can I shame Obama and Clinton for not taking a stand with Standing Rock?

Can I shame Joe Manchin for voting for Kavanaugh?

At what point can I start saying Democrats are shitty politicians? What is the time limit for shaming still-sitting Democrats?


@42: Calm down, I acknowledged your fantasy and segued into mine. Geez woman.


@44 ....said the guy with the sugar problem. Tsk tsk tsk.


@45: Didn't we just commend each others on our diets yesterday?


I mean auntie, it seems we can't even share fantasies about a Trump non-existance/demise without you getting unraveled. I'm not fighting you. I actually like you. I'm fine with the ribbing I get from you over issues and politics, but when I'm participating in a light-hearted exchange like we just did and you get all edgy and hostile, well, it's just plain weird.


@47: Edgy and hostile? Reread my comments @42 & @45 again. I don't see either comment as threatening. I think you need a nap, sugarlips.


@48: Whatever. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and let you have the last word.


@49: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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