"Democrats seem a little closer to picking up 8 seats in the House, and if Das's lead holds, it looks like they might pick up 2 seats in the Senate."

Corrent that to THREE seats in the Senate: Claire Wilson (D) is beating Mark Miloscia (R) in LD 30, Emily Randall (D) is beating Marty McCLendon (R) in LD 26, and now Mona Das (D) is beating Joe Fain (R) in LD 47 - and the Ds aren't losing any incumbents.


Thanks, Rich. It really sucks that Pinky Vargas lost to Thug Ericksen--whose support is 99.9% from the gluttonous fossil fuel industry and its out of state interests, and that I-1631 got shot down by the same sorry group. Nonetheless, the Blue Wave came through otherwise and there's much to celebrate. Let's start getting some good things done. I'd like to see Thuggie squirm and resign from his ill-gotten senate seat.


This summer I wrote to Fain asking him, a moderate Republican, to repudiate Trump. He replied he didn't want to get involved blah blah. Fuck Joe Fain.



Wait, so does that mean a Democratic majority in the state senate?


4 It probably does. Tim Sheldon, the "Democrat" who basically always organizes with the GOP, is leading at this point, but it looks as though the ACTUAL Dems have enough seats in the Senate that it doesn't matter this time.


@4 seatackled and @5 AlaskanbutnotSeanParnell: If only we could just get rid of Thug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, 42nd District! But that's good news if the Democrats reclaimed the Senate. They can make Thuggie's life miserable. It would be lovely if Ericksen resigned. The fossil fuel industry writes his check. I've considered Tim Sheldon a Republicrat for years and don't really count him.


Holy shit -- this is awesome!


@4 and @5 - the Dems - the REAL Dems, fuck phoney Tim Sheldon - already have a majority in the state Senate. They secured their majority last year when democrat Manka Dhingra won a special election in LD 45 (Redmond, Woodinville) to the seat vacated by the death of republican Sen. Andy Hill..

All of the D wins in the Senate this year are padding to their current 25/24 majority (I'm counting Tim Sheldon as a Republican, because that's what he is regardless of what he calls himself).


Remember all the people who said Kim couldn't beat Dino, and we had to choose the kid from Ellensburg? Remember them? I sure do..


Yes, it's a real D majority! Let's get some D shit done.


@8: Fair enough. I was simply noting that the size of the increased majority makes Sheldon irrelevant for a long time to come now.


As to Eastern Washington, well...the Right is going to control politics there for awhile to come now, until either A) The Macho Rancher/Farmer-Whose-Granddad-Was-Saved-By-FDR-And-Price-Supports types finally accept the fact that they've received far more in tax revenues than they ever paid out, especially on the state level, and that they never actually made it "all by ourselves with no help at all from guv'mint, Mister!" B) There are enough Indigenous/Latinx/non- Macho Rancher/Farmer whites registered over their to outvote the Macho Rancher/Farmer


@8 As it turns out, Sheldon came close to getting beat by "fellow" Democrat Irene Bowling (52% to 48%). Too bad. That would have been so sweet to see Sheldon go down.

Bummed also that Erickson looks like he's pulling through. But overall, a good night for the legislative races.


Oh, man do I want Pinky to take out the dictator-humping a-hole Ericksen. 72 votes! So close.


@9 The Scarlet E; Boy, do I remember! It's nice to see that despite all the dirty politics, we the people still weren't fooled by grinning four-time loser and repulsive con man, Dino Mafia Don Rossi. I'm glad Dr. Kim Schrier won the 8th District. Thank heavens.
@13 MavisJarvis: I would like to see Tim Sheldon go down, especially since he's such a pathetic flip-flopper. Ericksen only gets re-elected through the outside dirty fossil fuel money that buys his senate seat and pig trough full of freebies. I demand a recount for the 42nd race between Pinky Vargas and Thug Ericksen. GO, Pinky!!!!
@14 david jw: I KNOW, right? GO, Pinky!!!!

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