Of course they did - lying, stealing, and cheating is all these bottom-feeders know how to do...


Freaking insanity. I’ve been really skeptical of his actual chances given the still deeply entrenched homophobia in so much of our country. But if he’s a big enough threat to warrant this type of lunacy, maybe I’m underestimating him? Fuck, is 2020 going to somehow out-batshit 2016? Fuck.


Wohl is America’s booty judge and jury.


For anyone to be arrested for a false claim, the “Complainant” would have to attempt to make or actually make a criminal complaint of an offense (sexual assault in this case) to an LE agency, knowing the allegation is fabricated. Merely posting it on Twitter/to media isn’t a criminal offense. The only remedy for that is a civil one, like suing for slander or something.


Republicans are horrible people.


Jacob Wohl is seriously disturbed & deserves to be arrested for his extremist right-wing scams.


The craziest part of this story is that I am expected to believe that there are people who think PeteButt is the biggest threat to Trump's 2020 campaign.


Just standard operating procedure for conservatives who generally believe the end justifies all means available. No intellectual integrity and no moral authority necessary because their position on issues don't allow them to have any.




It must turn 21 year-old Wohl neon green to know how much, much more Gavrilo Princep accomplished by age 19


Because, as Republicans love to say, false claims of sexual assault are the real problem. Especially poorly planned idiotic politically motivated false claims.


@8: "PeteButt"? What are you, five?

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