One of these two Dems will represent the 30th LD unless the WA GOP wildly outperforms projections CROUTON / Courtesy of the Campaigns



“that anything we wrote could and would be used in the WA GOP’s hackish mailers.”

Nice to know Will Casey and the Stranger decided to give the GOP some ammunition.

Of course if the Republicans do succeed in taking the seat I’m sure Will will insist it’s because the Democrats were too moderate.


Thanks for reporting on Fedway politics. It's a constant struggle down here against a vehement republican suburban vision which I believe is antithetical to the future of the region as the bridge between Seattle and Tacoma. Our democrats are often ex-Republicans. It's exhausting. Thanks again


Did the state representative or senator vote for the Long Term Care tax? Then I am voting against them, regardless of party affiliation.


This is some dope photoshop.


My main takeaway from this piece is both the progressive candidates are economically illiterate. If this is the best the Dems can find for Federal Way I don't have much hope for them.

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