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Progressive Challengers Address Criticism from the Establishment and Their Own Movement

The progressives challenging Democratic incumbents in Washington are raising more money than ever, but they're still long shots. So why run in the first place? CROUTON / Courtesy of the Campaigns



While the rest of the post is pretty good, term limits are stupid laws for stupid people (which admittedly is a lot of the potential electorate); they've been tried and enacting them only benefits assholes like ALEC (and if you didn't know who that is or have suggestions to limit their influence, your systemic policies are insufficiently considered).


@3 It’s a primary.


Enforcing term limits with jail time is an interesting idea -- it seems like it would be easier to just not allow a legislator to stand for election again once they'd exceeded their limit, but I guess there's always the danger of a write-in campaign.

Jail time is the only practical solution: incarcerate any voter who casts a vote, whether wittingly or unwittingly, for a candidate who has served more than two terms. It's the only way to discourage their annoying tendency to vote for the candidate they prefer.


“Gallardo wants a new Constitution.”

Gallardo is either incredibly naive, incredibly gullible, or just willfully stupid.

We can have a new constitutional convention at anytime. We could rewrite the constitution.

Each state would get one vote.

Something tells me that won’t work out the way Gallardo wants.


@6 I'm pretty sure its the last one


“never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”


Again, the naysayers are so afraid of progressive change they really have nothing to offer the people but the same old bullshit and torpor.

And it is the same old talking heads.

We are facing death by climate change, fascism and austerity.
We must fight back. There is no other choice.

You cannot take your profits with you when you die.

Move on over or we will move on over you.


Cry me a river.


@9 just because something is different doesn't mean its better. The Republicans fell into that mindset and it produced Trump. We've already seen the impacts caused by progressive policies in major cities and now at the national level with the economy. The "same old bullshit" will continue to be preferable to that mess no matter what you think.



Ivy, progressive bullshit gave us George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

From Chicago, to McGovern, to Ted Kennedy, to Ralph Nader, to Bernie Sanders each time progressives throw a hissy fit the end result is worse. Nixon, Reagan, W. Bush, and Trump were each elected with the help of progressives.

Progressives can go fuck themselves.


Anyone who believes in full transparency in all meetings, public and private, has never participated in a serious negotiation.


I decided against supporting Gallardo after seeing her re-broadcast Kremlin’s propaganda.

Which made me wonder where Gallardo gets her information, and reminded me of TX Gov. Abbott calling up TX State Guard after Kremlin’s disinformation convinced him that a federal military exercise was… Obama invading Texas. (I wish I were kidding.)

Nyet, thank you.


The Democrats are on the run.... and rightfully so. They have made a pigs breakfast of this city and the economy.

The "far left" element of the party launched an agenda which failed completely and has left Seattle in a pile of steaming poo which will take years to dig out of.

Now comes the socialist agenda, ...but history has shown its hard to have a system which negates the rewards of hard work and hands it to another.

Let the "far left" and "socialist" come to the polls..... lets give the people a chance to express their dismay.


A vote for a socialist is a vote for republicans.


In the end they all didn’t make it out of the primary. Record amount money raised, record amount of money wasted.


@17 thank god

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