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Initial Skeptics Praise Her Reality-Based Approach to Diversion Programs

Leesa Manion, shown here standing in white, is going to need these people on her team to avoid a repeat of last year's Seattle City Attorney election WC



All the more reason to rally around Ferrell.

The absolute last thing King County needs is Prosecuting Attorney who is unwilling to prosecute.

Pete Holmes and Dan Satterberg did much damage to the justice system in their 10+ years of neglect.

Ann Davison is doing a great job of sifting through the backlog left by Holmes. Let’s give her Ferrell as a partner in the County office.


“Leesa Manion, shown here standing in white, is going to need these people on her team to avoid a repeat of last year's Seattle City Attorney election.”

Will they be able to overcome the tremendous handicap of the Stranger’s endorsement? Traditionally, the more lefty candidate in a King County race needs heavy support from Seattle voters. Last year, Seattle’s voters rejected most of the Stranger’s endorsed candidates, and not by small margins, either; three of the four lost in massive citywide landslides. As there’s no evidence the Seattle electorate has become any more favorable towards the Stranger’s philosophy or candidates, it would seem Manion’s campaign staff does indeed have a lot of work to do.


Slog satellite reporter Jason Rantz over at MyNorthwest writes about Miss Manion:

Hackney sponsored a bill to lessen the criminal penalties for drive-by shootings. To Hackney, this is about “promoting racial equity in the criminal legal system”

Manion doesn’t even seem to believe we have a crime crisis. She says we need to attack “hot spots” in the county, and she’ll work to dispel “fear-mongering and myths” around crime.

Manion is just another version of NTK — just a more dishonest one smart enough not to tweet her ever-waking fever dream of a world with Antifa in charge.



I just made a meaningful contribution to Farrell's campaign. Was waiting for a prompt and this article and a reminder of the issues at hand sealed the deal.


The thing I find sad about elections for prosecutor in King County is that a large part of their responsibility as elected prosecutor is as lawyer for defense of the government they serve.

Sadly, when that government cares little for communities it is charged to govern, that can pit the elected lawyer against their own citizens. In King County under the past, long-serving prosecutor this has led to cases where poor, unjust policy choices implemented by the King County Council and the King County Executive are more likely to be defended by the prosecutor, with advice that can't even be disclosed publicly due to attorney-client privilege. Oh. Any tax-paying community who wants to fight the injustice must hire their own lawyer.


@5: Not sure what you meant in that last sentence, but the defendant has right to a public defender I believe.


@6: Can't see how Hackney figures into this, Antifa, etc.


Excuse me, I meant @3.


“…claiming that a refusal to book more people into jail caused a surge in crime in their cities.”

That’s not actually what the letter said. It notes the rise in crime in South King County coincides with a number of other developments, including, “An influx of more addictive methamphetamine and a flood of fentanyl – both of which are significantly contributing to mental health issues, an increase in violence and property crimes, and death. Dealers of illicit drugs are engaged in a violent drug turf war, and users often commit property crime to sustain their addiction.”

The mayors then note jail bookings haven’t kept pace with these events, leaving suspected criminals free to continue preying on South King County residents and communities. (The letter does not claim any conscious “refusal” has taken place, but rather that policies and resources no longer fit the number and types of crimes committed.)


What a backwards approach to poor people being thrown into jail these same old talking heads have.
Just put the mentally ill, addicts and homeless in jail out of the way so certain rich, generally white people do not have to look at them dying in the streets.

Ignore the approaches that have been successful that deal with the root causes of classism and racism and keep on pushing the old, slavers, lies and demented practices.


Seattle truly looks like a backwards, back woods city compared to a magnificent place such as Vienna, Austria with at least 2 million people and zero people living on the street. Why is that you centrist geniuses?

Just maybe, Seattle or King County or the country could learn from successful places such as Helsinki, Finland and Vienna, Austria for example? Guess it will take more uprisings from the downtrodden and their allies to change anything that would benefit the working class and poor peoples that cannot even afford to live in this depressed place.

By the way Antifa fight fascism which is encroaching in our society and we will not like fascism will we??? Unless you are ok with that you talking heads.


Seattle looks like a right wing bastion with our dear mayor having the police harassing vulnerable homeless people on the street constantly and we here in my community do not want our taxes paying for that. SICKENING.

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