Elections 2022 Oct 5, 2022 at 12:16 pm

Candidates for State House Differ on Approach to Density in Seattle’s South End

Surprisingly, it's the landlord who wants to end single-family zoning. Courtesy of the Campaigns | Anthony Keo



2 You refuse to look at the real criminals that cause desperation that is your love affair. Your bigotry. You are on the wrong thread.

Social housing has been proven to provide housing for all who need it.

Otherwise do not cause people to lose their homes!!


Toby, the truth could smack you in the face and you would still be a far right idiot. Sad to say.


@4: “Social housing has been proven to provide housing for all who need it.”

Real Change will change that! I-135 contains NO funding mechanism to build any housing of any kind: social, asocial, anti-social, you name it. (It would, however, create an entirely new set of City bureaucrats to collect paychecks for not housing anyone. You know, like the leadership of Real Change has been doing for decades now.)

They scam you right to your face, but instead of having the self-respect to resent them for it, you obediently misdirect your anger onto folks like Sir Toby here, with whom you largely agree, and who might actually work with you on these issues — if you’d just stop abusing him.

Who benefits from your behavior here, Ivy? Have you ever asked yourself that?
Why not?

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