Elections 2022 Oct 21, 2022 at 1:19 pm

New Poll Shows GOP Write-In Leapfrogging Nonpartisan Candidate for Second Place

This man went to the MyPillow guy's election conspiracy conference and took good notes. The GOP establishment now backs his write-in campaign to run Washington's elections. WA LEG



The rabid right is in love with the smell of their own feces. This guy ain't going to amount to shit,


Florida, Georgia, Montana, Nebraska, both Dakotas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho all are still dominated by the GOP, some with extreme voter disenfranchisement measures put in place since the rhetoric of 2020, yet none of these elected officials since then have abandoned no excuse absentee voting. Like Trump, many of their voters depend on it, rural or not, and many of them are not going to vote in someone who won't give a fuck about administering state law and expect in-person voting to be any more legitimate in a left-wing dominated state.

How can one expect define who affiliates to the "minority party" from the SAGE article and is it applicable here?

Do electability arguments mean fuck all compared to the political bias of who shows up in a general election?

If it's even relevant at all, Byron Brown launched his write-in campaign like 5 months before the general and gained about 12 points after India barely won a three way and turnout tripled, in Buffalo, in a state where they scrapped no-excuse absentee voting after the pandemic. Brad announced his campaign with a little over a month of lead time.


Weak sauce for a weak incumbent, Stranger. We all know you're scared of Anderson. Quit trying to make Klippert happen.

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