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Right-wing Fearmongering, Spineless Weaseliness, and Other Highlights from the WA Senate Town Hall

Patty Murray sounds like a senator. Tiffany Smiley sounds like she's auditioning for a job at FOX News. Anthony Keo



How else would you expect an idiot to sound?


Someone knocked on the front door of a friend of mine last Tuesday. My friend looked through the peep-hole, saw a tall and large woman with an armful of printed paper of some sort. She thought maybe she was selling something. But she opened the door, anyway. The tall woman looked shocked and blurted out, "No one told me a nigger lived here!" Her hand was on the door knob, which gave my friend an opportunity to grab the woman's little finger and bend it sideways, hard—something she learned in defensive training. She cried out and shrieked, spilling her papers all over the front portico and sidewalk. My friend yelled at her to never talk like that to her ever, and get the hell out her yard. The hideous woman tried to scoop up all the scattered papers, and ran off like a scared rat. She missed a few pieces, though.

The papers she was carrying? Campaign lit supporting Tiffany Smiley. Real nice campaign canvassers/supporters you have, Tiff. Fü¢k you and the party you came in on.


@2 sounds totally not made or fake at all


Tiffany Smiley sounds like an idiot every time she opens her mouth.

She has all the intelligence of a catty high school mean girl. "Patty Murray sucks so vote for me."


@3 ?? Whatever. You believe you. I believe my dear friend. She has lived with this shit her whole life because of her skin color. Why don't you try doing that? You would not survive.


"it is
“unfair” to use
taxpayer money to pay
for the tuition of others."
--@ mrs. Smiley

(note: NO relation atall to Mr Smileyface).

so Adios
'public' Education
and HELL-LO! Home-
Schoolin' and Private
Xtian Education Camps*

it's ON-ward "christian" Soldiers
we've got some Brown Peeps
over There to Re-Educate
in Jesus's name.

"… if you’re
poor and want
a college education,
you better be willing to
kill and die for our country."

you mean
Fight and Die
for the trumpfster
and/or Cheney/bush

but just mostly to keep the Planet
SAFE for un-bridled Capitalism
although a Glory War every
now & again is Just what
the Doktor Ordered

*where we take ALL the Fun
outta Fundamentalism

*conveniently governmentally funded!


I wonder what the odds are on this country needing to go into the pit of its ignorance and do a replay of Germany in the 1930s. There are 150 million idiots in America, if not more, and they don't want to get better, if they are even capable of getting better. They just want to do anything other than listen to educated professionals on any topic. They are propaganda victims and are totally unaware. They worship nonexistent Jesus, who isn't the one guiding them, but their guides are ministers and other charlatans in the Republican party. When a country gets this stupid, a cleansing is on its way.


this Latest
be The One
that Cleanses
the Whole Fucking
Planet. it'll serve Earth
well. Adios, Neighbors!

we hardly
Knew ye.


Smiley is a maga-patriot Oppurtunist - she is an empty vessel -
has no ideas of her own and knows nothing. she is filled with hate and anger - FILLED WITH HATE & ANGER !! - anybody who votes for Smiley should be ashamed and move to Moscow (Russia)


@7: Logic and science suggest such generalizations are idiotic.


GOP has not had a constructive idea in decades. The party of “no” is apt.
Every time they get in power, we have a recession. Every time! Look it up. The money flows from repossessed homes back to the banks, unemployment squashes wage gains, small businesses die, leaving the Walmarts and Krogers.
Every damn time. Yet yahoos just keep shooting their own foot when voting.
It’s always the money. Obviously they’ve perfected diversion and deflection via abortion outrages, while they clean out your rights, benefits and future.
And now the Supreme Court is corrupted beyond all shame, who will protect us?


@5 This is the Internet. I am very skeptical of 3rd hand stories posted in the comment second of city paper. This is as true as I am a world famous lothario of the women in the Niagara Falls area.


@11 I assume you mean since Reagan because before that almost every president has had a recession during their term. Most of the modern ones have been sparked by the Fed raising interest rates in an effort to curb inflation.
The dot-com burst can hardly pinned on Bush because the run up to that was on Clinton's watch but I would not blame him either.

The 2008 housing crises can be pinned on both parties. The Bush administration initially wanted to curb the risky lending practices of the banks but the Democrats said that would be racist so Bush backed down. He later embraced it pointing to increased minority home ownership. But there was no oversight to the banks so they just kept on going and bundled those junk loans up and sold them to France. If Bush had backed up those loans that could have prevented the downward spiral.
Your issue is really with the Federal Reserve.


Republicans are horrible people.


12- I guess you are the world famous lothario of the women in the Niagara Falls area, then. Aren't you special. If you are a fan of Tiffany Smiley, you are out there confronting African American women, who are not your type from Niagara Falls. Too bad for you and your tight, little, constricted depraved heart.


@15 That is quite a leap in logic but then again it is Internet logic: If you don't agree with me 100%, you are obviously Hitler.


Respectfully,. I think many people like myself are tired of both parties and prefer to change out the politician each cycle in hopes that nothing gets done. That way we don't ruin the economy more. Crazy right? Imagine that, both parties spend too much and mismanage everything. Democrats just do it much worse as of late. So sure, this Mexican is voting out the old white lady and voting in a young white lady. Hoping that the new one doesn't decide to increase inflation another 3%! Like the last one! It's not rocket science.


One of the few things in life that I'm certain of is that American politics are becoming more and more toxic every day. Both sides need to realize that neither side will like where this ends up because another civil war will hurt everyone.


Juan253 dear, that has to be one of the dumbest posts in the history of Slog - and that's saying something.


Two points for Seattle area dems...
1. Independent of the culture war, as it rages on coast-to-coast, Democrats will eventually have to prove that they can effectively administer a city.

Why do big city King County voters think they can just assume the support of the next four populous counties?
Or put another way how much longer will voters in Pierce, Snohomish, Spokane, and Clark Counties let Seattle call the regional politics?

Dave Matthews omitted one song from his Friday set that many show goers probably wanted to hear.
It's also the perfect track to play at King County ballots drops this midterm...

When all the little ants are marching
Red and black antennae waving
They all do it the same
They all do it the same way


Rocksbury dear, a few things.....

1) Do you know where Clark and Spokane Counties are located? Do you know what sort of people they tend to send to Congress? I can assure you that they are not in lockstep with King County.

2) Don't you think that maybe the GOP has a role in how the cities always vote Democratic? The GOP fields morons, bible-addled nitwits, and white-colllar criminals, because that's all they can get. Responsible conservatives want nothing to do with them.

3) I suppose your tut-tutting about "effectively administering cities" has to do with the homeless and the "runaway crime" we are supposed to be having. (bonus points for not mentioning poo, by the way). Did it ever occur to you that the affluent cities (which are usually run by Democrats) are bearing the brunt of this national problem, which has to do with addiction, lack of mental health care, and income inequality?


@19 I think that you're failing to recognize that there are people who don't have strong opinions for political ideology, we just prefer things to get better or if things are really bad we just prefer them to not get worse. If you think this runaway inflation is just bad luck then you might want to reconsider your economic understanding of how we got here.

Also treating me like I'm dumb just because I'm a minority who has unique views and maybe not the same level of political knowledge as you shows what I consider extreme racism. I expect more from the liberal side as an independent.


22, runaway inflation isn't bad luck, it's due to low interest rates. The US economy has recovered from the 2008-2009 financial crisis and in 2015, the Fed started raising interest rates slowly. Guess who complained again and again about that in 2018-2019? Trump pressured Powell to cut rates and he caved in, 3 times in 2019. This was before Covid. After Covid, the rates were kept to zero for two years. Trump only cared about driving up stocks and reelection, but not the problem low rates would eventually bring -- inflation.

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