Elections 2022 Nov 8, 2022 at 3:59 pm

We're Covering Election Night Parties All Over Town

A cute day to gauge how quickly America is sliding toward fascism. RS



Good luck to Pooja and I'm not too worried about turnout. Normally I vote a couple of weeks earlier, but for some reason I just put my ballot in the drop box this morning. Lots of people I know did the same thing. Lots of first time voters high-fiving each other after casting their ballot in the drop box, so I've got a good feeling about this.

As to the candidate who was talking to someone who was anti-choice, remember that is one of the pro-choice options. I've known people be pro-choice who were personally against abortion - it's a choice. Adoption, abortion, or even just surviving miscarriage (which is way more common than people think), it's all part of the spectrum of choice.

Just not enslaving others and forcing them to give birth against their own choice.


The U.S is fucked, leave while you can.


There's a Westin in Bellevue? And why is a Democrat having any sort of event there? Back in MY day, the Democrats threw the best parties at the downtown Westin. Open bars, and the events were open to anyone.


WA-3 going to a Democrat would be a huge Fuck You to Donald Trump and his idiot supporters.


Red Wave??? For Congress, the Rs are looking to pick up exactly as many seats as you’d expect in a mid-term, an in the Legislature the Ds may actually be gaining a seat in each chamber.


4 years in the Senate, hmmm.
Jesus you all need a civics lesson.


Of the 10 places in the country that Ranked Choice Voting was on the ballot today, 3 were in Washington (Seattle, Clark County, and San Juan County). Looks like it is likely to pass in 7 of the 10, everywhere but WA. (https://fairvoteaction.org/results-for-ranked-choice-voting-ballot-measures-in-2022/) It's pretty far down in Clark & San Juan, and a bit under water here. Gosh, it sure could have used a solid endorsement from an influential progressive paper here...


Grats on the baby!

I voted RCV Yes tho.

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