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And She's Coming In Swinging With Nearly 90 Endorsements

She wants to move up to a snooizer council, but not because it's snoozier. Courtesy of the Campaign



Mosqueda leaving is another tacit acknowledgement that the actual governance by the Seattle City Council over the past several years has been a total disaster. Jumping to the King County Council is a lateral move at best since most people in King County hardly pay attention to it unless they live in an unincorporated area. If she wins, it'll be fun to watch a community meeting in North Highline or Vashon where her constituents are begging for higher Sheriff's Department staffing while she's telling them she wants it cut.

Mosqueda is obviously ambitious and wants to run for mayor, but had no path to do so as long as she was on the city council because of public's highly negative opinion of its work. It'll be fascinating to see if this gambit gets her there.


Oh Lovely! Having destroyed Seattle she now wants to implement her wonky policies on a county wide basis.

Lets see if we can concisely formulate her platform... We want to reach out and get the community to come together to improve opportunities, diversity, economic reform, provide housing, tax liberally and spend carelessly for all with a caring, committed administration. -- # barf and bull plop

During her reign of terror on the Seattle City Counsel we've seen the worst plague visited upon this city.

Why on earth would anybody vote for her to destroy the county?


No mention of public transit. Lame.


@7 I don't think so. The district includes Seattle where she already won, Burien where their council is almost as crazy as Seattle's and Vashon which is pretty much a communist enclave. It sounds like she is going to coast to victory where she'll team up with Zahilay to form a progressive block and start turning the rest of the county into a version of Seattle. Could easily see her pushing a county wide version of the jump start tax along with some of her favorite labor policies around domestic workers, ride share drivers, secure scheduling, minimum wages etc. As noted there is no way she can make the jump from the SCC to any other office so this is a good stepping stone to where she inevitably wants to be.


@2: It appears she did actually learn from her poor showing in Nov. 2021 against a complete nobody, or her polling numbers stubbornly remain low, or both. Her effectively handing in her notice three years early testifies to the truths of both your statement of the City Council’s terrible job performance, and of the public’s correct perception of that terrible performance. She’s also observed, via CM Sawant’s chronic example, just how ineffective an isolated “progressive” can become on the City Council, and with both Sawant and CM Herbold quitting, Mosqueda may be starting to feel isolated already. Hence, no need to stay on the City Council. Good riddance.


She will coast to victory. Some of the comments here are ridiculous. You don't get it. Public service is hard. You are bound to make enemies. But if you are smart, reasonable and hard working, you will get the respect if not support of your colleagues. She got the support of both the mayor and his opponent from the last election. The same idiots that are saying she is too progressive (yeah, Finland is a fucking hell hole) are also the ones that were thrilled with the election of Harrell. Well guess what, dipshits? Harrell endorsed here, along with practically every reasonable person ever elected to office.

As for the move, it is quite reasonable. The county has a much bigger budget. For the things she is interested in, it makes sense to move there. The region -- like most in America -- is slowly transitioning to a more worldwide pattern, where the wealthier folks live close to the center of town, and the poor live outside it. Places like Skyway and Kent already have a lot of poor people, and you can expect those numbers to rise. Even before this transition it was clear that we needed to deal with these problems at a county level -- there is only so much you can do for the city. As she said, this is more about the "pull" from the county, not the "push" from the city.


I will vote for her. She will win. I will drink y'alls tears.


@10 -- Herrell endorsed because he's a smart politician. He knows that if Mosqueda lands on the King County Council, it'll take her at least a couple terms there before she can conceivably wash away the stench of the public perception of her term on the City Council. Which means she's absolutely no threat to him when he runs for re-election. He's doing what he can to neutralize her.

I'm sure Mosqueda thinks that she'll be like Greg Nickels and vault from the County Council to the Mayor's Office. It seems pretty far-fetched. During his time on the County Council, Nickels and the county never had anything like the issues that Seattle and the council has had during Mosqueda's term. She comes into a future race for mayor with an enormous amount of baggage. It may well work out for her in the end, but I'll believe it when I see it. After all, her policy preferences really aren't much different than Lorena Gonzalez, and we all know how that worked out.


@10: “She got the support of both the mayor and his opponent from the last election.”

Are you serious? Mayor Harrell wants her off the City Council, and nobody cares what Lorena González says about anything; she’s as irrelevant to Seattle’s future as Mike McGinn (hopefully, without his humiliatingly failed comeback attempt).

“… yeah, Finland is a fucking hell hole…”

Does Helsinki have sprawling homeless encampments where children once played? Because that’s what “progressive” means in Seattle — tents, filth, and crime everywhere, with ever-increasing taxes doing nothing to fix anything. That’s why she’s leaving, for the same reason CMs Sawant and Herbold are leaving: it’s better to quit than await inevitable firing.


@15 if she gets elected to a county position she won’t come back to the city. She’ll either run for county executive or some sort of state office. Her ambition will be a train wreck for the rest of KC though.


Just go away already. Same as Trump, other side of the card. No one wants more.

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