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And She Contains Multitudes

Tanya Woo wants everything, but she has no idea how to pay for any of it, and she doesn't want to raise taxes. South End Photography



Good to see a new voice in the primary. There are many stories to tell of changing Seattle including gentrification, displacement, BIPOC who want better police services after all. Glad you’re here, Tanya Woo!


She seems sane, which is why Hannah is a little snarky. Unfortunately sane won't get her elected in Seattle.


Great to see. Seattle--and especially D2--needs positive change. Tanya sounds engaged, knowledgeable, and committed to the District.

In comparison, what has Tammy Morales delivered? Increased crime, homelessness, and human suffering. Businesses are leaving the International District. Families don't feel safe. It's time to vote ineffective Tammy out.


I’m glad to see someone advocating for the CID and Tanya Woo sounds like she’d bring a voice to the table that’s been shushed. The CID HAS been neglected by the council members who virtue signaled grandiose ideologies WHILE trampling on our own neighborhood that didn’t have a strong voice.


@5: very good point.


@5 anyone with an ounce of common sense understands that creating police alternatives needs to be done in parallel with improving police training.

Had our council been serious back in 2020 they would have started the process of increasing the size and scope of Health One while also training police to work alongside the Health One responders.

But our city council members at the time were neither serious nor rational. They were activist ideologues who insisted of governing chose to join the rioters.

Tanya Woo seems like an intelligent and accomplished person who understands that life is complicated. She will be a great alternative to Tammy Morales.


@2 Hannah is snarky because snark is the only attitude Hannah is capable of expressing.


@8, as I've stated, the "Hannah" performance art collective is brilliantly lampooning vapid lefty ideologues.


“She knows only two cops who speak Chinese…”
Nobody speaks Chinese (or Canadian, American, Mexican).
But they might be speaking Mandarin or Cantonese.
If Seattle is really this tone deaf to the needs and people of the International District, small wonder someone from the ID is running for a district seat. It’s frankly depressing for me to walk through the ID and see businesses that I used to go to boarded up and closed.


@11 Seattle Progressives and the Stranger are completely tone deaf to the needs and people of the International District.


For anyone who lives in District 2 the NW Asian Weekly has a great right up about Tanya Woo,


Surprising that the morning round up of news known as SLOG-AM didn’t link to it.

“In fact, it appears that the whole community—both the housed and unhoused—appreciates the kindness and persistence of Woo as she has led the block watch—or community watch, as some call it—to provide food and clothing to those living in encampments in the neighborhood. Today, to the delight of many in the community and beyond, Woo announced her candidacy for the Seattle City Council, District 2, which represents the CID, Beacon Hill, Columbia City, Mount Baker, and Rainier Beach, where she lives now, to name a few of the neighborhoods.”


"Woo tirelessly advocates for the CID–even when it means aligning with Republicans and NIMBYs as she did in her effort to pause the SODO Service Hub expansion."

I'm not a Republican or a NIMBY but that's the best thing I've read about a Seattle politician in a long, long time. Someone who will fight for their priorities regardless of which "side" it puts them on? Sign me the fuck up.


@17 Totally agree. Tammy should simply resign and go back to living in her $3M+ house and her wealthy life of abandon in Mt. Baker.


So many people are hopeful that Morales will just give up her seat. That’s not how it works, and voters are better off with an incumbent that wants a future.


@19: CMs Herbold, Juarez, and Sawant have all announced each “will just give up her seat,” so that is indeed “how it works.” (CM Mosqueda will do so if she gets a seat on the King County Council.) Given the utter failure of Seattle’s City Council to address every issue, from homelessness to bridge maintenance, and their resultant deep unpopularity with Seattle’s citizens, why would it be odd for voters to expect another CM to step down, especially when a more-qualified candidate has now appeared?


Morales could be replaced with a browser running chatGPT and the results would be the same. She's done nothing tangible to improve D2.


@13....thanks for the link. Good article about her. I would guess that Hannah and TS wouldn't link to it because it shows what a good person and great candidate she is. Not only does she seem sane but, unlike the present City Clowns, she actually does things for her community besides shouting into a bull horn or virtue signaling in front of cameras. I hope D2 voters get to see the truth.


Good point @11 about the diversity of language and cultures. We need to get rid of stereotypes that lump diverse peoples under one label. Regarding the election, as a D2 resident, I will be voting for Tammy Morales. I've met her in person and she is a thoughtful and compassionate person not in the pocket of corporate interests. You can usually tell a politician's allegiances by the list of their donors and endorsements. Furthermore, while it is easy to scapegoat political leaders for the violence, crime, and poverty of society, it takes all of us to fix that, beginning with how we use our words, our actions in daily life, and an understanding that our own individual happiness is intertwined with everyone we meet, our compassion and care for other species, and the natural environment upon which all life depends.


@23: “I will be voting for Tammy Morales.”

The deadline for potential candidates to file is mid-May. Aren’t you being just a bit premature?

(Also, impressive list of CM Morales’ accomplishments you’ve given there. Snicker.)

Between @19 and you, it’s good to know CM Morales’ supporters are scared. You should be.

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