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And She Knows Budgets, God Dammit



"Poppe hopes to push lawmakers in Olympia to pass a bill to give the County more flexibility when it comes to raising property taxes. "

So....she wants to raise property taxes huh? Hannah and TS kind of candidate.


As long is she’s cutting existing budgets that are not productive or overspending and does thorough audits she sounds like a decent candidate.


@1- yeah, not encouraging at all not to mention, doesn’t imply being will to work within a budget.


I'm confused. Becka says she has "three years of overseeing the County’s $15.8 billion budget." But...she's not the county's budget director. That is Dwight Dively and it's his job to oversee the budget. She's a policy analyst which means she does work on parts of the budget, but her comment here is clearly inflating her role and making her sound like she has experience that she simply does not have.


"She’s not afraid to make cuts to existing, inefficient programs to fund better ones. For example, she suggested redirecting some money from the Sheriff’s Office"

Love how Hannah uses the entire Sheriff's office as an example of "inefficient programs". How about the homeless hotel that is sitting vacant in Renton because our unhoused neighbors trashed it? So reading through the proposal this candidate wants to be able to raise property tax above and beyond what is allowed now, they want to create a TBD on top of Sound Transit with its own taxing authority and I'm sure they'll be all in for the holy grail of a county income tax if the SC approves that fiasco. Wow, looking forward to making KC super unaffordable for all. That's equity!


Not voting someone named "Becka."


@4 She is a "Budget Manager (Physical Environment)" per the KCEO Office of Performance, Strategy, and Budget directory. She reports to Aaron Rubardt, the Deputy Budget Director, so she's at least three steps removed from "overseeing the County’s $15.8 billion budget."


King County is paying $330k a month for the empty Red Lion Hotel. They also bought the extended stay for nearly $30 million.

How much are King County, the City of Seattle, and the other governing bodies around here paying to solve the problem of homelessness? I want lower income people to have secure housing. Mainly, though, it feels like we are spending lighting millions of dollars on fire and accomplishing nothing for the homeless and nothing for our community.


@5 -- worth noting that The Stranger previously wrote a long post that originally in the title refereed to "rigorous study" regarding police alternatives in unincorporated King County. They lied and said that the results of the study supported reducing funding for the Sheriff's office and putting that $ into alternatives when the study in fact said the exact opposite, since the majority polled supported additional funding and staffing.

So while Hannah may think spending $ on KCSO is wasteful, the community it serves disagrees.

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