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Then Alex Cooley Is Your Candidate for City Council

Alex Cooley is the second Alex, the second weed-grower, and the first person with ear gauges to hop into the race for District 3 this year. Courtesy of the Campaign




Ya, because relaxing the laws on drugs has worked so damn well thus far......See: downtown Seattle.

This guy is a clown out to make fast buck off the misery of others.


"It's a little early to get a firm grasp on which candidates will go for business support and which want the labor endorsements."

In Cooley's case, it's not too early: he won't get meaningful support from business or labor. Even Hannah seemed skeptical of this guy.


"This guy is a clown out to make fast buck off the misery of others."

His real regret is he can't legally sell fentanyl on the corner of 3rd and Pine.


The wait for candidates who are actually qualified to run the city and are not just activists playing make believe continues.....


Hahaha. Settle down grandma.

The dumbfucks of the Slog Troll Brigade think legalizing pot lead to the opioid addiction crisis. HaHAHAHAA.

Ah. Yes remember how much batter everything was during the peak of the War on Drugs when violent crime rates were almost twice what they are now. Can't we go back to those wistful days of turning drug traffickers into murderous billioniares.

Look at these clueless fuckwits. It's like somebody dug up Nancy Reagan's corpse and programmed it to spew "Just Say No" on repeat in here.


@5: Please. Let us recall the glory days of Stan Lippmann, Mike the Mover, GoodSpaceGuy, and of course, Absolutely Nobody on our (many, many) ballots. Crank candidates are as American as apple pie, and I’m talking about the classic, early 19th Century version, with the cores left in the apples, and a crust which could support a wagon wheel rolling over it without breaking.(There’s a reason Uncle Sam, who dates from that time, looks so gaunt.)

@6: Seattle currently has the worst of both worlds: drugs laws on the books, meaning Seattle cannot offer meaningful aid to the many addicts living (and increasingly, dying) on the streets; but these laws are not enforced, meaning so much fentanyl smoke, it even sends passers-by to hospital. This breeds contempt for both laws and drug legalization.

If you’re too dim, or in too much denial, to see obvious policy failures literally staggering around on the sidewalk in front of you, then you could at least stop attacking your fellow citizens for attempting to describe such failures.



oh goody, Prof. Nitwit gets to chime in...

Nobody said anything about weed leading to opioids. What was implied was that the laxing of drug laws(its "not illegal" to have X-amount of heroin, meth, etc) have led to turning Seattle into the dystopian, zombie filled shithole that it has become. Next time learn to read.

Hey, why dont you go back to your old self and tell us what a badass MMA guy you are("rolling in Thailand" I think you said), or how rich you are ("I'm rich!"), or about that business you own on the hill......

ya guy, why dont you do everyone a favor and go hook up with that other anger-driven hate-filled psycho Xina

GTFO of here already...


"Rather, he wants the City to build new camps on public land, contract a nonprofit to manage some of them, and bring people over from their encampments as another onramp to permanent housing. Sorta like a tiny shelter village without walls."

thinking Outta The BOX
gotta LOVE this!
Why Continue

"Going out on a limb here, but even if he can sell other electeds on his angle, he’ll probably run up against the argument that the City would get in trouble with the federal government, which won’t even let cities open safe injection sites."

let's go out on Another Limb:
let's Hire Idaho's Well-
Organized Militia
to come Keep
them stinkin'


re sidewalks not for Drugging:

if Cooley's smart enough
to come this far he's
Smart Enough to
know to Make
Safe Sites

We can even
Help him
figure it


Well.....he sounds less insane than the other nut jobs that want to run in D3. I don't live there but expect them to elect someone a little wacky. Maybe he is the lesser of the many activist clowns. Hannah doesn't seem to like him which is a plus.


Alex Cooley's platform is "Seattle needs more Fentanyl"

I thought Sawant was nuts...


they needn't More
they Need Cleaner
too many Die with
this shit which few
might call a cure eh?



“thinking Outta The BOX
gotta LOVE this!
Why Continue

Read harder: “…another onramp to permanent housing. Sorta like a tiny shelter village without walls.”

So, Mr. Outside-the-Tiny-House Thinker, how many inhabitants of tiny shelter villages have successfully used them as an “on-ramp to permanent housing”? Don’t know? But you’ve read pretty much all of the Stranger’s coverage of homelessness. They must have told us, many times, about the awesome success tiny shelter villages have had in getting former homeless persons into permanent housing, right? Right?

Or maybe there’s another reason Mr. Cooley wants even-cheaper-than-tiny-house villages built on public land?

“This guy is a clown out to make fast buck off the misery of others.”



"So, Mr. Outside-the-Tiny-House Thinker, how many inhabitants of tiny shelter villages have successfully used them as an “on-ramp to permanent housing”?'"

why don't you fuck
off and tell us tensy?

you think Cooley's
just Scammin' Us?

perhaps he
reads tS.


its always worth a chuckle when old Kristocrazy gets frustrated and breaks character.

take your happy pill, Calvin.


@27 we’ll know who the scammers are because they’ll start using democracy vouchers as their personal slush fund like ace the architect did last cycle.

The answer to @14s question is of course none. If you are in a tiny house you have no hope of ever affording permanent housing in Seattle. Your best hope is to stabilize and move somewhere you can actually afford.


nyt: One Year Inside
a Radical New Approach
to America’s Overdose Crisis


One Year With a Team
Trying to Change America’s
‘Deep Hatred’ For Those Who Use Drugs

--by Jeneen Interlandi
NYTimes Editorial Board

two comments on the article:

" Thank you. Reading this article made me realize that it takes special people to have empathy for drug addicts, especially those who are homeless.

Also that it is even harder to have empathy in a country like America which emphasizes individuality, competition and lacks a social safety net.

If many feel like they can barely afford access to housing, healthcare, etc., even when sober and working full-time or more, there is less support for providing those things to people who did not ‘earn’ them.

Sadly, we, drugs addicts or not, are all victims of a society that is so unequal, individualistic and more focused on materialism and greed than on basic human values and needs."
--@Blue, New England

"@Blue Well said, thank you! But also, take heart – the folks I wrote about in this story are just one group in a vast network of passionate advocates. That network is egregiously underfunded as I say, but it is also filled with amazing people who are out there pushing everyday to make the world better.

I’d also say that one of the assumptions I came to this story with that was really challenged by the reporting I did, was that people who oppose harm reduction or support of any kind or people who use drugs feel that way because they simply don’t see those lives as having value. I think that’s true for some people. But not everyone.

A lot of people are angry and heartbroken precisely because of how much they love or loved people in their own lives who have succumbed to addiction. In some ways, that’s obviously a dark sad truth - that all of us have been touched by this crisis in one way or another.

But I also think it contains the seeds of our salvation. Because if there is love underneath all that anger, there must also be hope, right?"

--@Jeneen Interlandi
The New York Times
Feb. 22

omg what a fucking MESS.
if only we might De-
humanize Pharaoh-
like Wealth: look-
ing at YOU mr.s
Bezos Zucky
Musk et


If he is talking about increasing housing without reforming zoning to allow more housing, then he is not serious about getting people housed.


@15: Sure, as a good liberal, I’m always willing to lend a hand to the chronically and severely less fortunate.

Most of Seattle’s homeless use drugs. Alex Cooley supplies drugs. As an enterprising fellow, he recognizes the symbiotic relationship potential. By moving homeless encampments onto “public land,” without any of those tiny houses LIHI always charges so goddamned much for, he moves the homeless away from their usual suppliers, and into an environment where he can provide their supplies. Not only can this help him achieve record profits, but the illegal nature of most drugs used in homeless camps means he can experiment freely with ingredients, dosages, quality, and pretty much every other aspect of drug production and delivery, all on a population which will never ask him for an IRB.

(In particular, as the meth’ will already have been produced off-site, the one fire pit will suffice. There will be no need for the many “warming fires” which plagued Seattle’s homeless camps during the Heat Dome event of Summer 2021.)

The current holder of the District 3 seat pioneered homeless exploitation, when she partnered with SHARE to use inhabitants of SHARE’s camps as human chattel in her political theatre productions. With change of ownership, District 3 could take homeless exploitation to entirely new levels. I’m sure the current occupant would agree that it is fitting and appropriate for a capitalist to do this.

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