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Reed Says Her Ideas Aren’t New, Radical, or Even Her Own

“Isn’t she like Antifa or something?” Bro, what are you, a cop? Courtesy of the campaign



She sounds perfectly awful and it doesn't surprise me that lefty propagandist Hannah is fluffing for her.


I hope she is elected.
It’ll be fun to see her end up just like everyone else that shows up with grandiose plans.
By the end of her first term she’ll be spewing the same excuses as everyone else.




Nope. Next. It was already a no when I read "Mutual Aid" fuck those assholes. Those pseudo-anarchists shouldn't even be allowed to get close to city government positions or else we'll start to become like Portland.


Running for office north of the Ship Canal with a “Stop the Sweeps” message should do wonders toward ending her campaign immediately.

Then she can take another page from Sawant, and describe those citizens who reject her (whose votes she chose to seek!) with terms such as “racist,” and “right wing.”


@5 A meaningless intensifier for a meaningless columnist.


@5, @9: The number of f-words may be evidence of Hannah’s subconscious understanding there’s no way this candidate will get elected by North Seattle’s voters, no matter how hard Hannah lie — er, tries to help.


“Either the rest of the council is coming along with us or we're going to drag them there.” Or she’ll accomplish nothing, blame institutional racism and sexism for her failures, and quit after one term.


“She thinks the best way to improve policing is to just have less of it.”

Seattle is having less policing, and how is that working out so far?


@11: And that’s the demonstrably best way to accomplish very, very little, as we all know for certain:

“For example, socialist Council Member Kshama Sawant spent a decade filling City Hall with her Socialist Alternative army and whatever lefties she could scoop up issue by issue. She took every opportunity to call out her Democrat colleagues for watering down progressive policies or voting against working people.”

Shorter Hannah Krieg: “Sawant refused even to try building coalitions within the Council, and actively antagonized every other Council Member, every chance she got.”

@13: The sad part is, Hannah Krieg is actually a talented writer. Having to produce a steady diet of extremist propaganda for an audience which will no longer consume it simply wastes her talent, and limits her future career possibilities. The faster she gets away from the Stranger, the better off will she become. I wish her all the best.


Sure, you'll pay more in taxes, but look at all you get in return:
Less law enforcement
Less accountability for how taxes are spent -- "I don't want to collect data."
Permanent tent cities.
"Fantastical sounding" policy proposals


First thing I look at with a candidate is their endorsements. Tye Reed doesn't have any. Or at the very least, no one is mentioned on her campaign website. She is a fringe candidate, and can't possibly get elected. At best it is a waste of time writing about them. At worst they actually make it out of the primary, where they are crushed by a far more conservative candidate in the general election (which happened twice in the last election).

There are several decent candidates running in the fifth, as of this writing. I am most impressed with Nilu Jenks.


Face piercings and political success don't pair well.


@17 Portland just got rid of their own Sawant the last election so even they are sick and tired of this shit. I agree with @16, this person has zero shot of getting anywhere in District 5 which last time saw a race between Juarez and Ann Davison. I hardly think they have taken a hard left turn since then. If anything they should try 3 or 4 but even then I doubt they would receive much more than 5% of the vote. Thank you drive thru.


This entire post reads like a laundry list of the very worst ideas inflicted upon Seattle during the past half-decade: Stop the Sweeps, Solidarity Budget, defund, tax the rich, increase payroll tax, abolition (via “divest[ing]” from Seattle’s Municipal Court. And since no multi-layered shit sandwich should go incomplete, moving Parking Enforcement AGAIN, since that Charlie-foxtrot hasn’t cost Seattle enough already:

“Around 100,000 paid tickets will be refunded, costing the city between $4.5 million and $5 million. Another 100,000 unpaid tickets have been canceled. The mass purge was due to an oversight as parking enforcement officers transitioned from the Seattle Police Department into the Seattle Department of Transportation, a move spurred by protests in 2020…” (https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/law-justice/seven-months-of-seattle-parking-tickets-canceled-due-to-lapsed-authority/)

All, of course, driven by the Stalinist illiberalism wholeheartedly embraced by CM Sawant, which the Stranger just can’t ever seem to get enough of:

‘“I don't want to talk about things anymore. I don't want to collect data. I don't want to do more research. We know the answers,” Reed said.‘


Hilarious that The Stranger presents it as a positive that this person was the campaign manager for the NTK -- the candidate whose campaign was so terrible she got the first Republican in decades elected citywide.


@24 - I'm surprised this one is not sporting a Kshama-style commie scarf.


If Hanna, or any stranger writer, spent a month living in one of the encampments it would be interesting reading.


Well. I'm glad that I don't have to deal with that candidate in my district. I'm not sure that would even fly down here on the south end.

Maybe it's time to acknowledge that districts were a horrible mistake.


"As far as shelter goes, Reed would rather spend more on permanent supportive housing or buying hotels than tiny shelter villages."

If she actually made that comparison, I'm afraid it proves that she has no idea of financial reality. Permanent supportive housing is horrifically expensive and takes at least 3 years to come on line; it is not "shelter." We've had enough unreality demonstrated lately in how to get people off the streets.


Hi Catalina. I've been meaning to reach out. It's comforting to see a fellow frequent flyer here. I always enjoy your comments -- hope you have no intentions of shuffling off this mortal Slog.


@30: “If she actually made that comparison, I'm afraid it proves that she has no idea of financial reality.”

Many years ago, the Poppe Report noted the very high cost, and low effectiveness, of transitional housing. That lesson has yet to be learned by Seattle’s self-appointed experts on homelessness.

“… she supports funding more villages that are managed by the people who live in them.”

Yes, persons who have managed themselves into living in below-code shacks on public support, with no hope of ever affording stable housing in Seattle, are exactly the persons who should try to manage those shacks. This is almost literally letting the lunatics run the asylum, but presented as serious policy. Stranger, you really know how to pick ‘em!


Not a single pro comment. You got your answer Miss Reed.


Just what we need, another extremist activist with no experience that wants to turn Seattle into a sh*thole.


“Despite her tactics ushering in a whole slew of renters’ protections, some argue Sawant’s approach was ineffective. But as just one vote of nine, her role was to push the conversation left…”

While I expect the Stranger will soon waste copious time and effort displacing blame for Sawant’s failures onto pretty much everyone else, they’re really selling her short here. The ill-fated EHT, the illegal spot rezone of the Showbox property, and defund all together passed without so much as a single dissenting vote. She had tremendous influence; she just wasted it policies which were ineffective, illegal, despised by the voters, or some combination of same.

Those “renters’ protections” mostly make it easier for bad tenants to occupy housing which better tenants could earn via good behavior. While this has elicited the predictable complaints from landlords and property managers, the effect on neighboring and prospective good tenants has not been described. Why would tenants who pay rent on time, respect the property, and respect their neighboring tenants have to live with persons who are chronically late with rent, have convictions for violent felonies, or are just plain bad neighbors? What does Sawant and the Stranger have against good neighbors?


Transit Riders Union is a phony NGO that is a paid stooge for Government Labor Unions. Just like Transportation Choices Collision and Urbanist.

They get paid and work for the government, not the public.


What everyone else has said. Wonder how much she can hustle from democracy vouchers?


Ugh. Take your bizarre and destructive ideas somewhere else.

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