Elections 2023 Nov 1, 2023 at 3:12 pm

Civility Politics Are the ONLY Politics in Seattle

The battle in leafy Seattle. HK



Ron Davis is horrible, vote for Maritza Rivera.


In this city "sitting on 1.2 million dollars in assets" means you are one of about 40% of the people you see walking around. 48% of the residents in the city own their homes, most of them have equity in those home and most of them have some sort of retirement account as well, basically if you are over the age of 45 and living in this city it is incredibly likely you qualify as having at least 1.2 mil in assets. Thats not even accounting for what I am sure it at least a few of the techie renters around here who are under 45 who have net valuations of over a million.

Besides that I liked this piece quite a bit.


Ron Davis = Sawant. Same old, tired failed ideas. And, do Stranger Voters really want a White male in office?

We need change

Elect Rivera!


@3 Hes got blue eyes too. Hack.


As I said in the other one, The Stranger appears to no longer afford the best of the up-and-coming future journalists of the left. This is another weak sauce blogger post that won;t exactly set the journalism world afire in a resume portfolio.


Someday the Stranger will hear of a place called "Wallingford."


But have either of them ever used gas leaf blowers? Seriously the guy in the park summed up this article the best.


Yeah, I’m pretty turned off by Davis’ policy platform slide and invoking MAGA allegiances during the course of the campaign. When you’re thin on public service and formal votes, this stuff matters. Wish I was eligible to vote in a district with some longer term community candidates! This article is a vehicle to keep Dist 4 on the radar, but no neighbors of mine are giving it much thought TBH.

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