Elections 2023 Nov 14, 2023 at 4:28 pm

In Latest Ballot Drop, Davis Gains a Bit of Ground, and We All Have Another Reason to Check Our Ballot Status

District 4 Seattle City Council candidate Ron Davis, fighting for every last vote. Courtesy of the Campaign



Checked! My goodness, what torture for these candidates.


Also a reason to just accept a difficult truth in that there's probably at least some degree of bungling and even fraud in any election.


Oh my stars and garters! 85 ballots! Whatever shall we do?


Where does Davis' consultant come up with "hundreds of ballots" left to count when KCE says there isn't? The box in question is in D3 so it doesn't even impact his race. Would of been nice if you had asked him to verify that claim Rich.


Davis's consultant should have never let him scare away 262 voters with a tweet implying drug dealers shouldn't ever be prosecuted. What a costly blunder.


So it begins - progressives starting a narrative about a stolen election (the line between DSA and Maga is pretty much indistinguishable - they just get there with different dogma). Ridiculous


Sent my ballot packet back on Nov 6th from a post office very far from Seattle.

So far it's not showing as Received yet.


@6, @7: They started with the “not Progressive enough” revision right after the first ballots dropped. I agree, election denial should follow soon.


I'm puzzled as to why the USPS didn't seal that box shut if they didn't want people using it. Putting an easily removed sign on it is an awfully weak substitute for making it inaccessible.

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