2017 Primary Election Cheat Sheet!

The Stranger Election Control Board’s picks for the August 1 primary election


Oh, you self-righteous knuckleheads. The time may have come to cease the use of the somewhat-disparaging term: "people of color", especially when combined with the condescending term "low-income families". What a load. For the last effing time: class status is way more relevant to economic justice, in case you missed that Stranger retreat in Mississippi. And it isn't just in Ole Miss. Ten minutes away from Seattle is like being in a flaming red state. Just ask Tim Eyman. He, and every other snake-oil predator of our gullible citizenry make easy marks of people in order to peddle such shit. It's so simple: Ignorance, illiteracy, fundamentalist dogma, multi-generational stereotypes and the like, will continue to plague a democracy when the people are ill-equipped to discern the charlatans among us. We must instead be resolute to embrace and appreciate the differences among us: color of skin included. Break the goddam chain, will ya? A change to the Stranger's editorial style guide is indicated (as if you actually HAVE a style guide, "Seattle's only Newspaper").
[Copy Editor at The Stranger: Easiest gig in town, except for attorneys working on the case against soon-former-Mayor Ed "Freaky-Perv-Eye-Stare" Murray.

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