I'm sure this is the GOP's fault


@1 what, global warming? Yea pretty much.


An arsonist is no joke. Someone will get killed eventually.


In the Bay area, anti wealth advocates upset with high rents have been burning down new construction. Quite an odd form of protest of you ask me.


Arson is also responsible for most of these wildfires we've been having.


I don't care. BURN, BABY, BURN!!!!!!!


Big oil; is going to kill us all.

From plastics to emissions out of your car; the worst part about it is the consumer can't really do anything to reduce their carbon footprint in a good way.

Sure there's little things but we have to keep in mind how much uses plastics; how much uses oil. Even if you drive your little toyota hybrid or electric car it still uses plastic and oils. So you can act as smug as you want but it still is a problem.

Moving to lithium ion isn't the answer; it's a limited supply. prices will go up as resources get drained.

Lastly; rich people do lots of things to make you think you are making a difference. It's a comforting lie to put you in bed and let you sleep to. Yeah that extra expensive Starbucks quad latte is going to help the starving people in africa for sure.

Climate change is a dicey word; the climate has changed over the years because of what we have done (and things we have no control over; earthquakes; volcano's). Wouldn't it be better to just say big oil is killing us instead of some imaginary 'Climate Change'?

Can you see climate change? in the sky. Can you touch it? only when things burn... but remember most of our politicians would be beaten by George W Bush reading a book to a class of kids.

Not funny; very sad.


@8, That pretty much sums it up completely. It's what the boy who would take a gun to his school does a little bit later in his life.


This guy has an alibi:

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