It will leave when the rain returns. October at the latest.


"Where did all this smoke come from?"

Well, Kocks' Klean Koals helps sponsor most of it.
Along with EXXON, Shell, BP, and the entire Republican Party.

Hey folks -- there's PROFIT$ to be made!
This smoke's just pure Profit!
(You do have Shares, don't you?!)

Just don't breathe very deeply till, about mid-November, or so,
and you should be just fine. Unless you have asthma, or are very young, or olde, or .................


@2: And if none of the burning trees in BC are on land owned or associated with Koch, Exxon, Shell, BP, or the RNC - the smoke would be less toxic?



At the moment, the largest fire complexes in BC are burning in Provincial Parks, owned and maintained by the Canadian government.

This stuff is pretty easy to look up, if you're curious:


@3 & @4 -- thanks for the Tips!

My apologies, I should have been more clear:
Catastrophic Climate Change™ is brought to you in part by
Kocks' Klean Koals, EXXON, Shell, BP, and the entire Republican Party.

And that's just here in the USOFA. The Oilgarchy is EVERY where.
Well, maybe not Norway. I hear the give their stinky oil money to their Citizens.

Oh, that Damn Socialism!

Cough. Cough.


This smoke is merely a symptom.



Yeah, the government of Norway is probably too busy subsidizing whaling, no time left at the end of the day to release greenhouse gasses.


Whoops -- you missed that one too:
Norways sells / burns the Stinky -- the CA$H just doesn't go
into the pockets of the Few -- they SHARE IT with their Citizens!

I know, how fucking Stupid is THAT, eh?

Thank GOD we don't do that here!
(Well, except in Alaska, we DO. Go figure!)


Everyone else is destroying their environment, so I guess we should too.


I thought there was a tobacco conference in town.


Warbling about climate change isn't going to solve the fallout from a century of wildland fire suppression.


Eil....don't forget the mismanagement of our forests, human initiation of fires, invasive species, and the suppression of fires for the better part of a century. This factors are probably far more important than climate change..cliff


@8 Universal basic income is offensive to the Republicans of the world so we can't do that until they decide that it's great, then they'll be mad at us for not doing it before.


@12, Yes!
Plus, to make the Disaster much worse, homes, made of wood. Brilliant.
Some even with Kindling* on the top. or sides With wooden decks! Oh my.

We need to rebuild, into the Earth** this time (or next or just, eventually), while maximizing the Sun in Winter with lots of shade in the summer and the mass of the earth to insulate year-round. With NO combustibles / fuel (fire-food) exposed (to BIG Oil'$ / BIG Money'$ Katastrophic Klimate Khange!).

Hmmmm ... STILL Smoky!

cedar shakes and shingles
*earth berming

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