It is difficult to understand the actions of the UW when you think of it like a university, but easy when you think of it like a business. They make a lot of money from parking. They make a lot of money from UW Medicine, and to please some of the doctors, they need to provide free parking. These money making concerns seem to outweigh their interest in the public good.


Wait, UW subsidizes all but $50/mo in transit passes and the idea is that covering this last bit will motivate them to take the bus? If employees are driving, in spite of the congestion, the COST OF PARKING, and the cost of owning a car, it isn’t because there’s not enough incentive to drive. It’s because they prefer the convenience over the bus and they’ve got the money to pay for parking. The “can’t afford to take the bus argument” at $50/mo is kinda weak.


This is why you’re only going to get forgiveness of debt in the future.

You played the same game of life everyone else played. I have to buy a cake, you don’t get two for free.

Building upon what 2 said, if driving to work costs you less than $50 per month, why aren’t you walking?


"The University of Washington is embarking on a massive expansion of its Seattle campus. The plan will add 13,000 people to the University District over the next ten years."

There is no link to this assertion, so it's unclear if this means the plan will add 13,000 employees on campus (most of whom will live elsewhere and seek transit), or if this plan will lead to 13,000 new U-District residents. Can the authors provide more details on this?

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