None of the above. Are millennials so devoid of imagination that they have to rely on Netflix for costume ideas?
@1 don't worry -- nobody wants to get on your lawn.
Will we ever see a sentence that uses the word 'millennials' that isn't stupid?
What happened to the classic costumes like the filthy bum or the Indian Chief? I don't get these millennials.

Have to agree with you. Apparently Halloween inspiration at Stranger HQ has really gone to pot since the Value Village downstairs closed shop.

As for your second observation: last night I was walking out of my neighborhood grocery store and in walked a heavily bearded 20-something sporting skinny pegged jeans, boots, Pendleton shirt, suspenders, and a toque. I honestly wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a Halloween costume (had he been smoking I would have thought "Zig-Zag Man" rather than "generic lumberjack") or just how he normally dresses to go out.
Stranger So White.
Curmudgeonity aside I kinda agree with #1. Mostly not very imaginative, though you get points for the group effort.
I voted for Callan cause you gotta love an artist who makes art history jokes.
Not original or imaginative?
Everything under the sun's already been done long before you were born, it's hard to be original nowadays. Topical Halloween costumes are fun and can be totally creative with a twist or two.
People who overthink things going for too much imagination typically end up having to explain their esoteric concept to everyone all night long.
"I'm a dissertation defense, don't you get it?"
"Oh. Yeah. That's great. "

Joel's Eleven is great. The waffles. The baldness. Nice work!
Sorry Stranger's staff, gotta agree here, ZZZZZZZZZ! (Ok, I admit I have problems with boring costumes too, but you guys should be better than ME!)
Why can't we vote for the demogorgon? RIGGED!
@9: Yes those are the 2 choices; that one TV show the whole country is referencing this year or a dissertation defense.
Here's my fav from this year. Not least cause I love that song.…

Which kind of increases the chances of someone showing up in blackface. . . .

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