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Follies and Vices, Kylmyys, Trueno and Project DieSlow


The White Rabbit Fremont
Tue., Dec. 17 2013 21+


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My intro to Kylmyys was a chance encounter in May at Vermillion Gallery during Second Thursday, Capitol Hill's art walk. They were set up in the back area, wearing bird masks and robes while hunched over synthesizers. The Seattle duo—Brian Kidd and Jason Chamberlain, who claim Oslo, Norway, as their hometown, but that may be misdirection—emitted an array of enigmatic keyboard washes and cryptic twitterings that evoked the malevolent majesty of Igor Wakhévitch and the sinister tonalities of Mort Garson's classic Black Mass LP under the Lucifer pseudonym. Their 2012 album, The Ice Breaks at Dawn, bears a Nordic frigidness that's at once unsettling and grandiosely beautiful. Kylmyys bring a new, bracing gravity to the term "chillout music"—as exemplified by their distorto-voiced cover of Joy Division's glacial "The Eternal." With Follies and Vices, Trueno, and Project DieSlow. DAVE SEGAL

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This event is in the past.
  • Tue., Dec. 17 2013