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The Showbox Downtown
Wed., May 14 2014 21+

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Quick bit of context: You remember James Franco’s trashy, cornrowed drug dealer from Spring Breakers, yes? The one who called himself Alien and wore tacky white suits and had very bling teeth? Well, RiFF RAFF, a rapper from Texas, threatened to sue director Harmony Korine for ripping off his look and personality to create that character. So the next question is: Do you feel that Alien would’ve been even more of a badass if he had a lucrative rap career? And spit lines like “Your girlfriend’s vagina smells like Bumblebee tuna”? If so, RiFF RAFF is the rapper for you. Stuck somewhere between brilliant performance art and the worst possible bullshit, RiFF RAFF has befuddled many rap fans, who often call him the weakest lyricist out. And yet there he is, on tracks with megastars like Chief Keef and Migos, spouting half nonsense and half hilarity. Recommended for the people-watching alone. KYLE FLECK

The Showbox

1426 First Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

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This event is in the past.
  • Wed., May 14 2014