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Blowfly, The Gods Themselves and Wiscon


Barboza (map) Capitol Hill
Wed., Aug. 13 2014 21+


Blowfly’s shtick is getting sadder by the year—or maybe braver. Working at the lewdest level of sexual and scatological humor in his lyric writing, the 75-year-old Clarence Reid long ago left behind his respectable and brilliant songwriting and performing career as a ’60s soul man to inhabit the outrageous persona of Blowfly (credited by some as one of the key inspirations for rap). Decked out in glittery super-villain attire and a wrestling mask, Blowfly spews verbal diarrhea that shows not an iota of decorum or political correctness while his backing band grinds out adequate funk and disco jams that would be better if they matched the frontman’s nastiness. That Reid’s still doing the Blowfly act proves he made some poor business decisions and needs the money. A viewing of the The Weird World of Blowfly doc confirms this, and one feels awful that things turned out this way. DAVE SEGAL

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925 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

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This event is in the past.
  • Wed., Aug. 13 2014
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