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Ground Zero 20th Anniversary


Ground Zero (map) Eastside
Fri., June 27 2014 All Ages


If I had all the words in the world, I would lavish praise on every band on this ultra-stacked local lineup for the always-legendary Eastside all-ages space Ground Zero's 20th birthday—but since I'm on a word budget, let’s keep this to the absolute must-see acts: Iron Lung: Skull-shreddingly heavy powerviolence duo who also run one of the best punk labels in the city, Iron Lung Records. La Luz: Dreamy doo-wop-garage group whose catchy pop songwriting is beach-readier than you are. Dreamdecay: Strident, grave-shaking noise-rock band who not-so-quietly released one of the most surprisingly weird and excellent local records last year, NVNVNV. Special Explosion: Eastside natives making truly Northwestern indie rock combining finely crafted hooks with whorled guitars and upfront vulnerability; one of Seattle's most promising bands. Kithkin: Forest-dwelling, inventive weirdo-pop mavericks with a penchant for whimsical melodies—and lots and lots of drums. Darto: Noisy, progressive slowcore-ish post-rock trio emitting a sort of lethargic-cathartic, guitar-centered sound. This is also the record release for their upcoming second LP, Hex, on Mother Image Records. Criminal Code: Blistering Tacoma punk trio with a furious Midwestern wall of whirl. Additional shouts to Elch, Seacats, Thee Samedi and Whitney Ballen on this well-curated, wide-ranging representation of local music. For the full lineup and more details on this crucial celebration of a long-standing all-ages sanctuary, visit BRITTNIE FULLER

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Ground Zero

15228 Lake Hills Blvd, Bellevue, WA 98007

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This event is in the past.
  • Fri., June 27 2014
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