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Together Pangea, Meat Market and Ubu Roi


Black Lodge Eastlake
Thu., Aug. 28 2014 All Ages

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Though they're often lumped in with other good-time garage-rock party bands, together PANGEA's new record, Badillac, has little in common with their fun-loving SoCal contemporaries. The album is downright bleak. Frontman William Keegan howls hopeless lyrics about self-loathing and incurable angst over tight melodies that have more in common with Siamese Dream than anything in the Burger Records catalog. "My heart is lost/These things mean nothing to me/And my dick is soft" he confesses on "Sick Shit," a particularly dreary number that thrashes with menacing hopelessness. These are tight songs about the sloppy party aftermath, when beer goggles stop hiding imperfections and excitement gives way to exhaustion. Joining together PANGEA's well-crafted bummer punk are Oakland tourmates Meat Market, who create catchy, surfy rock 'n' roll songs about barbecue and not surfing and Seattle party punks Ubu Roi, who also coincidentally have a tune denouncing their own surf abilities. ROBIN EDWARDS

Black Lodge

Ask a punk, seattle, Washington

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This event is in the past.
  • Thu., Aug. 28 2014