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Porter Ray, Jusmoni, Astro King Phoenix, and OCNotes


Hollow Earth Radio Central District
Fri., March 13 2015 All Ages

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What a fearsome, four-headed Hydra of hiphop and R&B we have rocking the mic at Hollow Earth tonight. So much ink has been spilled over these artists that I fear redundancy is unavoidable, but sermons must be preached, even to the converted. Singer Jusmoni's been quietly storming for a minute and seems due for new greatness, recently popping up on tracks from the likes of Norvis Jr. and WD4D, whereas spaced, based rapper Astro King Phoenix finds himself on the come-up, already sharing hollow(ed) ground with the big cats. OCnotes is an irrepressible Tasmanian devil of interdisciplinary production and songwriting chops, dropping releases faster even than the blogosphere can digest them. And let's just state the obvious without equivocation: Porter Ray's poised to be "the city"'s great black hope, a blessedly talented answer to the Mack-lash whose naturalist urban poetry chimes like a church bell, as clear-eyed and devastating as a Zen koan. KYLE FLECK

Hollow Earth Radio

2018A E Union St, Seattle, Washington 98122

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This event is in the past.
  • Fri., March 13 2015