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Colophon: Joshua Caleb Weibley


Veronica Mount Baker
Saturdays. Continues through April 30 2015


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Recommended by Krishanu Ray

In Colophon, Joshua Caleb Weibley dryly riffs on the iconic cover designs of the O’Reilly manuals. Even if you aren’t a programmer, these ubiquitous things may have lodged in your memory. Each book, dedicated to a different concept, is distinguished by a distinct animal illustration on its cover. Weibley redraws each by hand, mimicking the style of an ink-jet printer and framing each composition with a faux granite countertop solid. Meet the fearful gaze of the owls on the cover of Weibley’s rendition of Mastering Regular Expressions and meditate on our sad and magical computer world.

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This event is in the past.
  • Saturdays. Continues through April 30 2015