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Paramount Theatre Downtown
Aug. 16-23 2015

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"Pippin is about so many things, it's incredible: war, sexual discovery, being a monarch, murder, having just graduated college and not knowing what you want to do with your life, land taxation, cynicism, ambition, acrobatics, making babies, making art, decapitation, fire. And yet it's dripping with that Fosse sexuality and the cynical knowingness that a musical like Chicago tries for but falls short of. Unlike Chicago, it has real human warmth to it. And it's unbelievably funny. It's impossible to summarize without ruining it.

If you don't know the music, if you don't know the story, go in not knowing anything. It's one of those rare musicals you don't have to listen to in advance to enjoy. The production at the Paramount is the first touring cast of the Tony Award-covered Broadway revival, and not only does it feature three of the actors from Broadway, one of them, John Rubinstein, originated the role of Pippin on Broadway in 1972, and now he plays Pippin's father, the king. Also, he's freakishly good at knife-throwing.

That's another thing about Pippin: Unbelievable stagecraft. In addition to the fire and the decapitation and the acrobatics, there are a couple physical feats that are pure magic, that make you think: 'I literally don't know how that's possible.' Go, go, go." CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE

Paramount Theatre

911 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101

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This event is in the past.
  • Aug. 16-23 2015