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Discwoman Showcase


Re-bar Downtown
Thu., Sept. 24, 10 p.m. 2015 21+

$17/$20/free with a festival pass

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Decibel Festival’s dedication to gender diversity shines brightest on this showcase. Headliner Jlin—one of the few women to make inroads into the insular, Chicago-centric footwork scene—has dropped a dazzling debut album for England’s prestigious Planet Mu label, Dark Energy. The Gary, Indiana producer’s output is less manic and explicitly ribald than most footwork, relying on intricate matrices of abstracted vocal samples and beat programming that encompasses a dizzying variety of tempos and timbres. Dark Energy purveys a weirdly obsessive strain of club music that seems more likely to inspire spazzing than conventional dancing. Don’t miss. Brooklyn duo Young Ejecta (Leanne Macomber and Joel Ford) flaunt swooping electro-pop moves at once dreamy and danceable, with Macomber’s Kate Bush-like voice conveying a rich palette of emotions. Experimental Housewife (Santa Fe’s Evelyn Malinowski) creates aquatic minimal techno, abstract electronic music, hypnotic drones with industrial undertones, and more, while always eschewing obviousness. Bardo:Basho (Seattle producer Kirsten Thom) has been honing her fluid, minimal techno—often augmented by her devotional vocals—to a thrumming sublimity over the last two years. She's yet another transplant from Tacoma's who's boosting this city's electronic underground both through her music and her Elevator crew's event planning. DAVE SEGAL


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This event is in the past.
  • Thu., Sept. 24, 10 p.m. 2015