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Paradox of Place: Contemporary Korean Art


Seattle Asian Art Museum Capitol Hill
Oct. 31-March 13 2016

Free w/admission

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To try to represent contemporary art in Korea with a single exhibition that includes only six artists would be absurd, so that is not the goal of this show—the first major exhibition of Korean contemporary art in Seattle in a decade. Rather, the focus is on the concept of paradox, referring to the split nature of the country, although it often emerges in the work less as paradox and more as plain old dualistic conflict. Jung Yeondoo photographs people first as they are, and then as they wish to be. Lim Minouk builds a faux television studio that's a phantasmagoric restaging of media coverage of the funerals of Kim Jong Il of North Korea and former president Park Jung-Hee of South Korea. Lee Yongbaek camouflages soldiers in heaps of flowers in his videos. And Noh Suntag installed himself on the border of North and South to photograph, in striking black-and-white images where nature and technology merge and mingle, a U.S. military Radome, or radar dome, which sometimes, at night, looks like the moon itself. JG

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This event is in the past.
  • Oct. 31-March 13 2016