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Julia Freeman: Quiet Alter


Glass Box Gallery Chinatown-International District
Wednesdays-Saturdays. Continues through Jan. 30 2016


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For three years at NEPO 5K, Seattle artist Julia Freeman set up carnival-like booths that were systems of one-on-one interaction—but where the participants didn't face each other directly. The performers sat behind screens. One year, artist and audience member held hands and looked through peepholes into each other's eyes, then the audience member was rewarded with a photograph taken by the artist's father on a road trip. Another year, all you could see peeking out from the confessional-style window were women's hands, working on modest craft projects. For Quiet Alter, curated by Vignettes, Freeman "confronts and indulges in the history of psychopharmacology, the pharmaceutical industry and their hidden but understood effects on our culture. As a way to expose the use and abuse of the industries and medications, Freeman uses collage, sculpture, video, a board game, and a written essay by Cristien Storm to create an installation about how pharmaceuticals are quietly altering our world."JEN GRAVES

Glass Box Gallery

831 Seattle Blvd S, Seattle, WA 98134
Hours: Wed-Sat

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This event is in the past.
  • Wednesdays-Saturdays. Continues through Jan. 30 2016