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Seattle Fringe Festival 2016


Various locations Across Seattle
Thu., Feb. 25 and Fridays-Sundays. Continues through March 5 2016

Seattle Fringe Festival showcases local talent that doesn’t often get play on larger stages. This a good thing for several reasons: (1) You get to see fun shows you may have missed throughout the year, such as Sara Porkalob’s one-person performance The Dragon Lady, a hilarious and surprising romp through the life of a Filipina gangster. (2) There’s a bunch of weird stuff you’re more likely to embrace in a festival-type setting than in an evening at the thea-tah-type setting, such as the Libertinis’ Uncle Seagull, a “mash-up of burlesque, clown, dance, and drama” that they describe as a “love letter and ransom note to your favorite turn-of-the-century Russian poet Anton Chekhov!” (3) You can check out new work, such as newcomer Tré Calhoun’s Dirt + Dew, a one-act play about a guy who employs a mud suit in a summer-camp seduction. This year, the festival expands its sphere of madness, encompassing playhouses in both Capitol Hill and Queen Anne. RICH SMITH

See the full list of productions by venue below, or on our Fringe Festival calendar:

Center Theatre
The Libertinis: Uncle Seagull
Radial Theater Project: An Oak Tree
SIS Productions: Paper Angels

Annex Theatre
Sasha Bailey: Worry Machine
DANGERSWITCH! presents Mad Scientist Cabaret
Philip Schallberger: Full Showberger
A Little Burlesque: DUMP
Lovesnack: Illuminati: The Musical

Eclectic Theater
Jim Moran: Lazarus and His Girlfriend
Lyssandra Norton: Self-Composed
Tre Calhoun: DIRT+DEW
Busted Ankle Dancers: Totally Solid Gold!

Black Box Theater at Seattle Center
Rough Magic Productions: The Life And Many Deaths of Peter Pan​​
Liz Houlton: Concerto Concerto
Bards, Bands and Bravura: In Love With Chekhov
Copious Love Productions: Blue Paint

TPS Studio at Seattle Center
Sara Porkalob: Dragon Lady: I’m Going To Kill You
Danielle K.L. Gregoire: A Necessary Sadness
(N)one Co.: Anna and the Sea
Bohemian Dream: Eat My Shorts

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Various locations

across Seattle, Seattle, WA

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Thu., Feb. 25 and Fridays-Sundays. Continues through March 5 2016