Fetish Night


C. C. Attle's (map) Capitol Hill
First Sat at 8 pm-2 am


Recommended by Matt Baume

No matter how many kinks you think you've seen, you'll be sure to discover a new one at CC's monthly Fetish Night. Monthly themes keep the party fresh, and anyone wearing gear can skip the line. What if you don't have anything to wear? No problem—your sluttiest pair of undies is always in style. The clothing check benefits a different local charity each month, so you can undress for a good cause. (Aside from the cause of getting laid, which is a good one too).

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C. C. Attle's

1701 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98102
Hours: Mon-Fri 3 pm-2 am, Sat-Sun 2 pm-2 am

Venue Hours
  • Mon-Fri 3 pm-2 am, Sat-Sun 2 pm-2 am
Event Times
  • First Sat at 8 pm-2 am
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