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Anne Ellegood and Brian Jungen


Lumen Field Event Center Downtown
Sun., Aug. 7, 3 p.m. 2016


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Brian Jungen is a Vancouver, B.C., artist who makes sculptures that take on totemic power using castoff objects from consumer culture. He disassembled old white patio chairs and reassembled them into a 40-foot whale skeleton. Noticing that Nike Jordans were manufactured in Haida colors, Jungen tore them apart, too, and rebuilt them into Haida masks. In today's talk, Jungen, who's based in Vancouver, B.C., will talk about his work, about "the historical, political, and economic specifities of materials, and the place of tradition in contemporary art making" with Anne Ellegood, senior curator at the Hammer Museum in LA. Ellegood has arranged some really interesting exhibitions that are all about the nature of materials, and she's as much of a draw here as Jungen. In 2007, when I interviewed her before the opening of the Olympic Sculpture Park about the state of sculpture at the time, she told me, "I think the commitment to the object is a really interesting thing. It’s a very traditional thing in some way, but today, it’s almost a riskier position to put yourself in, as opposed to being all over the place." These are two minds you want to see collide. JEN GRAVES

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This event is in the past.
  • Sun., Aug. 7, 3 p.m. 2016