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Fay Jones: Water


James Harris Gallery Downtown
Wednesdays-Saturdays. Continues through Oct. 8 2016


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For 56 years, Fay Jones has lived in Seattle and made paintings here. She's been recognized with museum retrospectives, and in the mid-1980s she made a huge permanent mural that's still in the tunnel at Westlake Station downtown, where thousands of people pass by every day. Oh, you've seen it. In 2013, Jones won a prestigious Joan Mitchell Grant, but in the last few years she's been relatively quiet—until now. Water is her first solo exhibition at James Harris Gallery. It includes two large, luscious diptych painting/collages, one large triptych, and three medium-sized painting/collages, all on paper. The most beautiful thing I know of that's been written about Jones's work was published last year in Golden Handcuffs Review, and we have permission from the author, Rebecca Brown, to reprint a large chunk of it here. This is Brown on Jones (the "Chris" in question is Brown's wife): "Chris and I went to Westlake Station to see the Fay Jones mural which is bigger than a bus, it's bigger than a train car. We stood on the platform opposite it and watched it in the gaps between the buses and trains that arrived and departed, we watched as parents and kids with suitcases and teenagers with backpacks and women and men with briefcases and bags schlepped on and off or rushed. On the mural above and behind them, like a great, big brightly colored thought bubble in a comic book, a couple danced, a man stood upright in a boat, and fish flew in the sky. It's like the mural is glimpses of half-remembered daydreams of these travelers. Wherever they are, they're somewhere else. Whatever they want they almost see, although not ever quite. They might not be thinking directly of—uh—whatever. But something in them hovers. Whoever they're always imagining. Do not ask what these pictures 'mean.' Don't try to make them tell you. Whatever does red or circle mean? Or shadow or rabbit or man. There is something balanced and something not in them. There is remembering longing and something that tells you look." JEN GRAVES

James Harris Gallery

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This event is in the past.
  • Wednesdays-Saturdays. Continues through Oct. 8 2016