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Baby Copperhead, Webelos, Biography of Ferns and Kids and Animals

Woodland Theater Ballard
Fri., Oct. 16, 9 p.m. 2009

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The banjo is an underrated instrument. Don't get me wrong, lots of bands do all kinds of great bluegrass-infused stuff with it, but that's pretty much the only place you'll find a banjo these days. The banjo has a bigger reach than just nostalgia, and its spidery sound hasn't fully been explored. Enter Baby Copperhead, who pairs the banjo with synthesizer and weird vocal tricks to create a haunted atmosphere that is completely unlike, say, Yonder Mountain String Band. In Baby Copperhead's hands, the banjo sounds otherworldly, like an instrument from a science-fiction movie. After a couple tracks, you'll forget all about the riff from Deliverance and wake up to the possibilities that Baby Copperhead has just begun to harness. PAUL CONSTANT

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Woodland Theater

Ask a Punk, Seattle, Washington 98117

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This event is in the past.
  • Fri., Oct. 16, 9 p.m. 2009