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Akio Takamori: Apology/Remorse


James Harris Gallery Downtown
Wednesdays-Saturdays. Continues through April 1 2017


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Akio Takamori died of cancer in January. As Jen Graves mentioned in a recent profile, in November Takamori's doctor told him that the chemo wasn't working and that his cancer was untreatable. The Japanese-born artist exhibited all over the world, but he kept his studio in Seattle. He'd been a professor of art at the University of Washington since 1993, and had received numerous national awards for his work. This final exhibit features drawings and sculptures of men apologizing, that are informed by both the Donald Trump era and Takamori's own battle with cancer. About the show, Jen Graves wrote: "The last time we spoke, the Seattle artist was feverishly making work about what it means to apologize while also facing the realization that the last American president of his lifetime would be a man who never apologizes for anything...The idea for Apology came when Takamori was reading a New York Times in his Seattle home and saw, on the front page, a photograph of a Japanese man apologizing. Captivated, he searched the web for more pictures of apologizing men, Western and Eastern. He found Japanese car-company CEOs, who often bowed, and whom photographers seemed to enjoy portraying at strange angles. He clipped those out, as well as pictures of the historic moment in 1970 when German chancellor Willy Brandt dropped to his knees and clasped his hands in silence before a memorial to the Jewish victims of the Nazis in Warsaw... The Apology series premieres at James Harris Gallery in February, and even as Takamori struggles to stay alive, he's poking at the biggest beehive in the modern world: What do men express when the acts of men, or masculinity itself, are questioned?"

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This event is in the past.
  • Wednesdays-Saturdays. Continues through April 1 2017