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The Realistic Joneses


12th Avenue Arts Capitol Hill
June 1-July 1 2017


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Recommended by Rich Smith

The Joneses have a lot in common. They both, as the title suggests, have the same last names—Pony and John Jones; Bob and Jennifer Jones. They've both moved out to the desert to work on their marriages, which are both being tested by communication issues. Bob has recently been diagnosed with "Harriman Leavey Syndrome," a fictional nerve disease that forces him to speak only in the most concrete of ways, sort of autistically, I guess. Jennifer has given up her job and is trying to be a good caregiver, but she struggles to figure out how to give care to someone whose so verbally careless with her feelings. John also plays the role of the caregiver in his relationship with Pony, who self-describes as impulsive and childlike. Go because it's cathartic to watch people wonder whether it matters to finish a sentence, or announce a feeling, or work on something as insignificant to geological history as a marriage. Go because for some reason—maybe not a very good one—it does, and plays as fresh and bizarre and linguistically inventive as this one provide some evidence of that.

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This event is in the past.
  • June 1-July 1 2017