Jennifer Kienzle


Vito's Restaurant & Lounge First Hill
Second Thursdays, 9 pm 21+


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Recommended by Charles Mudede

It was dusk when the smoke from the wildfires of Central Washington transformed the sky of Seattle into the kind of sky you would expect to find on a martian planet. At around this time, I began listening to four tunes by Jennifer Kienzle recorded in December 2013 at Vitos. Because it looked like I was in another world, Kienzle's music sounded like it was from another time and solar system. Her voice—which has its roots in the tradition established by Ella Fitzgerald, and is so lucid and impeccably pitched—made feel a longing for my home, for the earth I once knew. I wanted blue skies of Kienzle's songs. I was tired of these red days and orange suns.

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Vito's Restaurant & Lounge

927 Ninth Ave, Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: 4 pm-2 am every day (kitchen closes at 10 pm)

Venue Hours
  • 4 pm-2 am every day (kitchen closes at 10 pm)
Event Times
  • Second Thursdays, 9 pm