Tricked: A Mostly Male Burlesque Show


The Conservatory (map) Georgetown
Third Fri, 7-9:45 pm

This series of drag, burlesque, and boylesque shows is not necessarily limited to men. The theme: those wily, alluring Tricksters, from Loki to Coyote to Bugs Bunny. With Jax Mourningwood, Matt Scott, Old Witch, the Marquis Façade , and EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!

November's Tricked features drag king Hughes (Pillow), Anonymous Joe (Maggie McMuffin), Evan Vicious (Eva Vivacious), and others.

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The Conservatory

5813 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108

Event Times
  • Third Fri, 7-9:45 pm
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