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8th Annual Wheels of Fortune

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Various locations Across Seattle
May 5-7 2017

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Recommended by Tobias Coughlin-Bogue

The eighth annual Wheels of Fortune—a weekend-long skateboarding festival that celebrates female and nonbinary skaters—is here, and it kicks off with an evening of lady skate videos on the big screen and female-focused art at Fremont outdoor retailer Evo. Whether or not you give two shits about skateboarding, if you are a woman/nonbinary person or you have a daughter/nonbinary kid, you should come and stay for Lacey Baker’s section in Quit Your Day Job, so you and your wee one can see firsthand how false the insidious narrative that certain activities are “too tough” or “too physically demanding” for women really is. Then you should buy some raffle tickets, because you could win various skate packages for your future shredder and restaurant gift cards for your future hunger, all while helping Skate Like a Girl keep up its admirable mission of creating an “an inclusive community by promoting confidence, leadership, and social justice through the sport of skateboarding.” Also, they promise food and a 21+ bar, but make no mention of what food is on offer. If it’s terrible or if the hungry, broke skaters have already gobbled it all up by the time you arrive, you’re right next door to Joule, the Whale Wins, Thackeray, Manolin, and even the unfathomably tasty fish ’n’ chips at the good old Pacific Inn. See the full schedule of events here.

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • May 5-7 2017