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Julia Freeman: The Will to Synchronize


METHOD Pioneer Square
Fridays, Saturdays. Continues through Jan. 6 2018


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Recommended by Emily Pothast

A multimedia artist, curator, and educator, Julia Freeman examines the changing nature of communication in an age where our connections with other people have increasingly moved online into controlled, surveilled spaces. Her latest solo exhibition started with questions: "What object, memory, ritual, or dream provides you solace?" "What does it look like, smell like, and feel like?" "What is it made of?" These questions were posed to 65 people, who answered in the form of recorded sentences. These recordings were turned into sound waves, which Freeman lovingly transformed into 3-D objects by hand on a lathe, lending them a tender physicality.

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106 Third Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: Fri-Sat

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  • Fri-Sat
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This event is in the past.
  • Fridays, Saturdays. Continues through Jan. 6 2018