Building the Wall

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12th Avenue Arts (map) Capitol Hill
Nov 29- Dec 23 at 8 pm

Recommended by Rich Smith

With this production of Pulitzer Prize-winning and Tony Award-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan’s Building the Wall, the theater world has officially moved on from indirect criticisms of the worst president in the history of the US to direct criticism of the worst president in the history of the US. In the play, which Schenkkan reportedly wrote in a “white heat” after the 2016 election, ICE rounds up immigrants following a terrorist attack in Times Square. As everyone waits to hear what will be done with the incarcerated, a history professor grills the supervisor of the private prison, who is in charge of administering the horrifying punishment they expect to come down the pike. Desdemona Chiang, who’s fresh off a pretty solid production of The World of Extreme Happiness at Seattle Public Theater, will direct.

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12th Avenue Arts

1620 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Event Times
  • Nov 29- Dec 23 at 8 pm
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