Material Performance: Part II

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Jacob Lawrence Gallery (map) University District
Tues-Sat. Through Dec 9


Recommended by Emily Pothast

Can painting and sculpture be considered time-based art? Material Performance is a two-part exhibition that answers this question in the form of objects that change throughout the run of the show. The first part showcased the work of current UW MFA students; the second installment features a stellar roster of artists including Francesca Lohmann, whose 80 pound blocks of lemon taffy gradually flatten out under their own weight, and Nola Avienne, whose magnetic sculptures continually reshape themselves. Other artists in this show about matter and the forces that shape it include Leon Finley, Jason Hirata, and Jono Vaughan.

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Jacob Lawrence Gallery

Art Building, UW Campus, Seattle, WA 98105
Hours: Tues-Sat

Venue Hours
  • Tues-Sat
Event Times
  • Tues-Sat. Through Dec 9
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