Laurie Frankel: This Is How It Always Is


Central Library (map) Downtown
Tues Jan 23 at 7 pm


Recommended by Rich Smith

Seattle writer Laurie Frankel will read from her third novel, This Is How It Always Is, which is about the trials, tribulations, questions, and unbridled delights that come along with raising a trans child. Though Poppy is only one of the five children, and though the socially constructed disconnect between her genitals and her gender enter the realm of public concern, as Frankel writes, for only about 2 percent of her life, Frankel focuses the story on the mother's concerns about Poppy. That's because the world seems to be focused on concerns about Poppy. What will the first day of school be like—for a girl who has a penis!? What will a sleepover be like—for a girl who has a penis?! Can a 5-year-old even really know whether or not they're a girl with a penis? If they don't, should you encourage them one way or the other? Frankel will let you know.

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Central Library

1000 Fourth Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Event Times
  • Tues Jan 23 at 7 pm
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