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Francisco Guerrero: Loaves and Fishes


Gallery 4Culture Pioneer Square
Mondays-Fridays. Continues through Jan. 25 2018


Recommended by Emily Pothast

There is a growing movement of conservative Christians who are withdrawing from society to live off the grid, preparing for the impending environmental and social catastrophes that they know are coming, since their own political beliefs and lifestyles have helped bring them about. Seattle University associate professor Francisco Guerrero examines these "prepper" systems through drawing and sculpture, connecting contemporary evangelical aspirations with the ancient growing and gathering techniques of pre-Columbian Mexico. This exhibition features functional animal traps, among other things. Come hungry?

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Gallery 4Culture

101 Prefontaine Pl S, Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: Mon-Fri

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This event is in the past.
  • Mondays-Fridays. Continues through Jan. 25 2018